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Torque Fitness Tank Strap/Harness Tow Kit

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Torque Fitness Tank Strap/Harness Tow Kit

The Torque Fitness Strap Harness Tow Kit from Rogue Fitness is an ideal tool to help you with any of your resistance and mobility training. The kit includes a 50-inch double strap looped harness, a 2” wide neoprene-reinforced anchor sleeve, and two cast steel carabiners for attaching the harness and anchor. The neoprene anchor sleeve is designed to attach securely to power racks, rigs, and other workout equipment as well as tree branches, posts, and other sturdy anchoring points. The steel carabiners also come with a locking clip for enhanced security and safety. The cast steel carabiners and neoprene sleeve are designed to withstand up to 800 pounds of tension, making the kit suitable for a variety of resistance training, bodyweight movements and CrossFit exercises. The Torque Fitness Strap Harness Tow Kit provides versatility in training by allowing you to train in various anchor points and angles. You can even attach multiple exercise bands or bands with handles to the carabiners and other anchor points, allowing you to perform resistance exercises such as rows, lateral pulls, overhead pulls and more. The kit is perfect for adding instability to your training and is a great way to increase your functional strength. The adjustable harness also provides a comfortable and secure fit so you can perform your training safely. Overall, the Torque Fitness Strap Harness Tow Kit is an extremely versatile and durable tool that can help you take your strength and mobility training to the next level. With its reinforced anchors and cast steel carabiners, the kit is able to accommodate a wide range of exercises, allowing you to develop your functional strength and improve your overall fitness in new and exciting ways.


Pros & Cons


• Quickly and securely attaches to any bumper-style plate load machine

• Increases job efficiency when paired with a plate-loaded machine

• Nylon-coated steel cable is strong and durable

• Lightweight nylon sleeve encased strap is comfortable and adjustable

• Includes carabiner clip, for easy strap extension


• Designed for plate-loaded machines only

• Only works on bumper plates

• Requires additional storage when not in use

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Fitness professionals who want to provide outdoor exercise practices for their clients

• Workout enthusiasts who like outdoor exercises

• People looking for a way to provide challenging and dynamic workouts

• Those who need a safe and reliable way of performing outdoor exercises

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those on a tight budget

• Those who prefer indoor gym workouts

• Those who don’t have enough outdoor space to utilize the product

• Those looking for a one-size-fits-all solution


- can be used with any Torque Fitness Tank Series

- 12" Handle + Connector

- 8' ratchet-adjusting strap

- 10" shackle hook

- Can be used with any Torque product with an anchormount

- Takes only minutes to safely mount any Torque product

Torque Fitness Tank Strap/ Harness Tow KitSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Weight Capacity600 lbs500 lbs700 lbs800 lbs
Cable Length5 ft5 ft6 ft5.5 ft
Maximum Speed10 mph8 mph13 mph10 mph

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