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Torque Fitness Tank MX Wall Mounted Handle Storage

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Torque Fitness Tank MX Wall Mounted Handle Storage

The Torque Fitness Tank MX Wall Mounted Handle Storage brings more control and efficiency to your home gym setup. It allows you to store your handles, plates, cords and other fitness gear in one convenient place. Its robust construction includes an adjustable wall-mount bracket, making it easy to attach to any wall. Its durable, black powder-coated steel frame is built to last, providing reliable support and security for your gear. Its compact design takes up minimal wall space while still giving you plenty of storage capacity. A sliding track helps you adjust and move the handle storage where you need it most. Not only is it effective, but it’s also attractive, with a sleek, modern look. The storage comes with multiple mounting options to suit your individual space and needs. The whole unit can be easily taken apart for transport, making it a great storage solution for any home gym.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy duty steel Construction

• Easy to use and space saving wall mount design

• Includes multiple attachment options for additional accessory such as wheels

• Multiple handle positions

• Has a textured grip to prevent slipping

• Can store a variety of weight plates

• Available in multiple colors


• Not designed to store heavy weight plates

• Not designed to work with every weight plate

• Installation to wall surface requires additional accessories

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who need extra handle storage for their garage, gym or commercial fitness facility

• Athletes who want to organize their space and improve their workout

• Those who want to keep floor space free and maximize their storage on the wall

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who need more than four handles stored

• People who don’t like brushed aluminum and prefer a different design aesthetic

• Those who need something that can be mounted securely to a wall


-Patented tank design allows 20 straight or angled storage pegs

-Holds up to 400 lbs

-Multi-directional attachment points

-Includes mounting hardware

-High-strength, powder-coated commercial-grade steel construction

-6mm thick steel bracket construction

-Extra rugged steel tube design

-Dimensions: 77” W x 20” D x 17” H

Weight CapacityHandle LengthDimensions
Torque Fitness Tank MX Wall Mounted Handle Storage500 lbs3' long12" W x 6.5" D x 15" H
TDS 4 Dumbbell Handle500 lbs5' long13" W x 10" D x 5" H
Fitness Gear Hex Dumbbell Handle500 lbs4' long13" W x 7" D x 9" H
Leader Accessories Deluxe Dumbbell Handle500 lbs4' long12" W x 8" D x 8" H

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