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Torque Fitness Tank Swivel Attachment for M4/MX

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Torque Fitness Tank Swivel Attachment for M4/MX

-racks The Torque Fitness Tank Swivel Attachment is an attachment kit designed to fit the Rogue MX and M4 Series racks. This accessory provides a secure, stable platform for lifting heavy weights without worrying about the rack tipping or wobbling, making it an essential piece of equipment for any serious strength training facility. The kit includes one 3.5" x 3.5" x 4.5' tanks swivel platform and mounting hardware, allowing for quick and easy installation. This innovative attachment uses a unique locking mechanism to keep it in place, ensuring that the user can safely lift heavy weights without worrying about the rack moving around or tipping. Furthermore, use of the swivel platform allows for increased mobility and range of motion in the lifts, allowing for more dynamic and effective strength training sessions. With the Torque Fitness Tank Swivel Attachment, any Rogue MX or M4 series rack can be instantly transformed into a much more powerful and stable machine that is capable of providing an enhanced workout experience.


Pros & Cons


• Allows for an unlimited number of exercise movements

• Includes a built-in swivel for improved mobility

• Built to last with heavy-duty Construction

• Maximum security and safety due to the built-in locking feature

• Works with any cable machine, including the Rogue MX-M4


• Can be expensive

• Must be professionally installed

• Does not come with cables

• Some users may find the locking feature difficult to operate

Who Should Buy

Anyone looking to keep their fitness routine interesting and challenging should consider purchasing the Torque Fitness Tank Swivel Attachment for MX-M4. This attachment provides another way for you to exercise your core muscles and upper body with a variety of exercises. It's perfect for personal trainers, gym owners, and serious home fitness enthusiasts.

However, anyone who is not interested in a more intense workout should not buy this product as it requires extra effort and is not suitable for someone who is just starting out in a fitness routine. Additionally, if you are on a tight budget, the price of the attachment may not be worth it.


• Part of the Tank M4 and MX accessory line

• Works with all frames of the Torque Fitness CK3.0 Monster rig

• Attaches to any of the upright posts of the tank rig

• 360 degree swivel capability

• Attachment designed to allow for pulling and pushing exercises

• Has a high-strength steel construction

• Includes 2 steel safety pins and quick-connect pins for maximum security

ProductWeight of attachmentSwivel RotationMaximum Weight Capacity
Torque Fitness Tank Swivel Attachment for M4/MX39 lbs360°385 lbs
Powertec Fitness CB16 Swivel Attachment18 lbsFull 360°250 lbs
XMark Fitness Chinning Station25 lbs360°275 lbs
HOMCOM Heavy Duty Chains & Hooks6.5 lbs360°330 lbs

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