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Torque Fitness Tank Tow Rope

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Torque Fitness Tank Tow Rope

The Torque Fitness Tank Tow Rope from Rogue Fitness is an incredibly useful and versatile piece of workout equipment. This tank tow rope is not just for weightlifting but for any type of outdoor and indoor exercise that requires the use of a tow rope. This rope is suitable for use with a weight bench, power rack, Smith machine or wherever you want to pull something. The rope has a diameter of 1.5" which provides superior strength and grip and a length of 15 ft that is long enough for any type of garage gym or professional gym set up. The Torque Fitness Tank Tow Rope features a PVC reinforced polyester sheath, making it durable and long lasting while providing superior grip and control. The heavy duty carabiner is included with the rope, so you can easily attach it safely to any surface or equipment. The braided polyester cover on the rope protects it from the elements and allows for a smooth and consistent friction necessary for efficient use. The soft feel of the chevron pattern on the rope helps you keep a firm grip and will not wrinkle or cause sore palms. This useful fitness accessory is a great choice for anyone looking for an economical and reliable piece of exercise equipment that has multiple uses. The Tank Tow Rope can be implemented into any strength and conditioning, functional fitness, or garage gym workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Made of high-grade steel for increased durability

• Powder-coated finish for added protection

• Easy-to-use simple retracting system

• Can be used for a variety of strength and conditioning workouts

• different anchor points so you can easily attach the tank tow rope to a variety of equipment

• Versatile to use with any strength training equipment, kettlebells, and body weight exercises


• Durability can depend on how it is regularly stored

• Can be difficult to retract when under load

• Higher price point than other tank tow ropes on the market

• Anchoring the rope can be tedious in certain home gym setups

Who Should Buy


• Those who need a durable tank pulling rope for strength training exercises

• Those who need a tank towing rope for situations that require a lot of pulling force, such as pulling a car out of a ditch

• Those who frequently engage in tank-tow work, such as towing an RV or trailer

• Those who need a heavy-duty rope for heavy work


• Those who don’t need a rope that can handle a lot of heavy-duty jobs

• Those who don’t need a rope for extreme strength exercises

• Those who only need to pull lighter items, such as a small boat or a bike


•Comes in a segmented reel

•Rope made of PolyTwine

•Rope measures 15 ft. in length

•Sleeve made of woven nylon

•Flexible Tank/Handle to easily glide and grip rope

•Treated for resistance to UV, abrasion and mildew

Torque Fitness Tank Tow RopeProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Polyester CoverPolyester CoverPolyester CoverNylon Cover
Steel Wire Rope CoreSteel Wire Rope CoreNylon Rope CorePolypropylene Rope Core
2,400 lbs Breaking Strength2,400 lbs Breaking Strength2,500 lbs Breaking Strength3,200 lbs Breaking Strength
6' Length6' Length8' Length10' Length

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