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Trigger Point Nano X

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Trigger Point Nano X

The Trigger Point NANO x from Rogue Fitness is an innovative foam roller designed for use after working out or during physical therapy. It features a 4-inch diameter so you can use it on hard-to-reach areas that require a smaller roller. This small size and its portability, also make it great for travel. It offers a unique textured surface that is designed to increase circulation, reduce lactic acid build-up and help prevent injuries. Its design is also optimized for ease of use. The NANO x has a pressure-sensitive core and handle grips that give you the right amount of support and control. It also has a low-density foam construction, providing firm pressure where you need it and soft pressure where you don't. This foam roller is easy to clean and store and comes in a grey and blue colour. Overall, the Trigger Point NANO x from Rogue Fitness provides a great alternative for athletes and fitness enthusiasts due to its portability, design and pressure-sensitive core.


Pros & Cons


• High density foam for targeted deep tissue massages

• Easy to use and can travel with you

• Compact and lightweight

• Textured surface for enhanced performance

• Backed by Rogue Fitness’s 100% satisfaction guarantee


• Pricey compared to other Trigger Point products

• No return policy if item is opened and used

Who Should Buy

Should Buy

• Perfect for athletes that need portable trigger point massage

• Adjustable settings help target specific knot or tension areas

• Small enough to slip into a gym bag or backpack

• Provides relief from muscle soreness without the need of a partner

Should Not Buy

• Not beneficial if you already receive regular massage therapy

• Not cost-effective if you do not use it often enough

• May be too small for people with large hands or longer arms


-Each set includes: 12-piece home gym, exercise wall chart, tension band, door anchor

-Dimensions: Length: 11.75 in, Width: 6.75 in, Height: 1.5 in

-Weight: 1.5 lbs

-Design: Ergonomic palm-sized design with heavy-duty construction

-Resistance: 5- to 50-pound adjustable tension

-Color: Black & Red

-Comes with 3 different resistance bands for optimal versatility

ProductActivation surfacePrice
Trigger Point Nano X2 x 2.5 inches$19.99
Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller2 x 6 inches$39.99
Gaiam Foam Massage Roller6.5 x 5.375 inches$19.99
MuscleX Foam Roller13.5 x 5.5 inches$17.95
Trigger Point Core Foam Roller13 x 5.5 inches$44.99

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