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TrueForm Runner

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TrueForm Runner

The TrueForm Runner is a durable and unique piece of exercise equipment from Rogue Fitness. Its unique design sets it apart from traditional exercise machines. The TrueForm Runner has been designed to simulate the natural movement of running, walking, and sprinting. Its patented track offers a smooth and dynamic surface that allows users to adjust the speed while running and sprinting, resulting in a more natural and challenging workout. The construction and design of the TrueForm Runner give it a distinct edge over traditional exercise equipment. Its heavy-gauge steel frame is designed to withstand long hours of use, while its patented track slides provide a smooth ride while running and sprinting. It also has adjustable resistance that can be adjusted to suit any runner's individual preferences. The TrueForm Runner is equipped with a built-in timer, adjustable speed and incline controls, heart rate monitor, and an emergency stop switch. The TrueForm Runner is a versatile piece of equipment that offers a unique experience for users. It's perfect for a home gym or for use in commercial gyms and studios. It is ideal for both recreational and competitive athletes. The adjustable speed, incline, and resistance controls allow users to customize their individual workouts and challenge themselves with different levels of intensity. Additionally, the TrueForm Runner has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds and can bear high levels of stress. Overall, the TrueForm Runner provides users with a more dynamic and natural exercise experience, allowing for greater customization and the opportunity to meet a wide variety of fitness goals. With its sturdy construction and innovative design, the TrueForm Runner is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and challenging piece of exercise equipment.

  • TrueForm Runner

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Pros & Cons


• Lightweight

• High-quality materials

• Built-in resistance

• Variable speed control

• Easy to maneuver

• Increased calorie burning

• Improve reaction time

• Reduce fatigue

• Low-impact running


• High initial cost

• Not suitable for use outdoors

• May be uncomfortable for some users

• Additional training required to maximize benefits

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• User friendly design

• High build quality

• Versatile - can be used for high-intensity or low-intensity workouts

• Motors provide variable speeds, up to 12 mph

• Handles allow for better balance and control

• Low-impact exercise so good for those with joint issues

Should Not Buy:

• Expensive, compared to other exercise machines

• Heavy and not easily moveable

• Limited in targetted musculature - mainly lower body

• Need a lot of floor space; not suitable for small homes or apartments

• More suited to experienced athletes, not beginners


-Length: 6ft

-Width: 33in

-Height: 5in

-Weight: 145lbs

-Maximum Weight Capacity: 350lbs

-Drive System: Front Roller

-Rollers: Polyurethane

-Console: No LCD Display

-Computer Features: USB charging

-Resistance: 10 Levels of Motorized Resistance

-Incline: 0-15% Manual incline

-Shock Absorption: 5 different cushioning levels

-Belt: Durable slip-resistant 2ply belt

-Safety Key Machine shuts off when key is removed

-Programs: 5 preset and 3 customizable programs

-Power Requirements: 110V Plug-In AC power

ProductPriceMotor SpeedRunning SurfaceMax User Weight
TrueForm Runner$3,795200RPM70"x34"350 LB
Woodway Curve$4,799210RPM70"x32"400 LB
Taurus Runner$3,195225RPM72"x22"350 LB
S-Force Motorized Treadmill$5,109130RPM81" x 31.5"350 LB
ProForm Pro 9000$2,49912 MPH22" x 60"355 LB

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