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TrueForm Trainer

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TrueForm Trainer

The TrueForm Trainer from Rogue Fitness is a revolutionary new machine designed to offer a complete full body workout in one package. It provides an effective exercise experience by combining low-impact movements with natural rhythms and high intensity intervals. This unique approach makes it perfect for both athletes and beginner exercisers. The TrueForm Trainer uses a patented design to mimic natural locomotion movements. This allows users to move side-to-side, front-to-back and varying speeds while still providing the same amount of resistance as traditional cardio machines. It also allows for dynamic workouts that involve different levels of intensity, speed and resistance while maintaining proper form. The TrueForm Trainer is powered by a powerful motor with variable speed control and a built-in display that gives essential data to help you maximize your workout. The machine is sold with a wireless heart rate monitor and a remote control module for adjusting speed, resistance and other settings. The TrueForm Trainer has an adjustable frame to accommodate users of any size. It also has a small footprint, making it perfect for small studio gyms or home use. The TrueForm Trainer is designed with quality in mind. Its frame is constructed from heavy gauge steel and its parts are strong and durable. It's designed to be stable and minimalistic, making it easy to store. Its motor is whisper-quiet, providing a comfortable and distraction-free experience. Overall, the TrueForm Trainer from Rogue Fitness is an innovative and versatile machine that offers a full body workout in a small package. Its patented design allows for a variety of movements, speeds and intensity levels while providing a low impact and comfortable experience. Its adjustable frame makes it suitable for users of any size, while its small footprint makes it perfect for home or studio use.


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Pros & Cons


• Smooth, Quiet Rotation

• Quality Construction

• Adjustable Speed Settings

• Remote Stop For Safety

• Multi-Functional Handle Bars

• Low Maintenance

• Compact and portable size


• Expensive

• Limited Versatility

• Lack of Display Monitor

• Must be plugged in for use

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• looking for low-impact exercise options

• If you need a space-saving workout machine

• If you are looking for a smooth exercise experience

• Individuals that need a full body workout

• Individuals looking to increase overall body strength

Who should not buy:

• If you don't like standing exercises

• Those looking for quick results

• Those on a tight budget

• Those wishing to lift heavier weights

• Those searching for more intensive cardio workouts


-Standard length 74" x 24" platform, perfect for running, walking, or any total body workout

-Smooth, whisper quiet whisper drive system with 40 levels of resistance

-20" W x 55" L running belt strides

-Built to withstand up to 400 lbs

-Digital LCD Console measures time, speed, distance, and calories

-Ergonomic standing handlebars with low step up

-20 programs controlled by 3 target levels

-20 levels of electronically controlled adjustable incline

-Dimensions: 77.6"L x 31.9"W x 65.5"H

-Weight: 240lbs

TrueForm Trainer0%-14%0.5-12 MPH125"L x 28"W x 36"H$6,999
Life Fitness 95C Inspire0%-15%0.5-12 MPH78" L x 34" W x 59" H$5,699
NordicTrack T 8.5 S0%-10%0-12 MPH78.9" L x 34.5" W x 62.7" H$2,599
Sole F850-15%0.5-12 MPH83' L x 35.5" W x 57.25" H$2,799
Weslo Cadence G 5.90-10%0-10 MPH70" L x 28.6" W x 57.25" H$899

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