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Tsunami Bar Max

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Tsunami Bar Max

2-0 The Rogue Tsunami Bar Max 2.0 is a premium-quality Olympic weightlifting bar designed for serious weight lifters. Featuring extremely strong, high-grade steel, the bar is built to stand up to the toughest workouts and competitions. The shaft is 28.5mm in diameter and has a tensile strength of 216,000 PSI for superior rigidity and strength. The bar also features an ultra-aggressive knurling that provides superior grip and prevents slippage, even when lifting the heaviest weights. The bar also has black zinc coated end sleeves for improved Protection against rust and wear and tear. It has dual centre knurling with small grooves for a secure grip when a competitor is on the platform. The Tsunami Bar gives off a unique look due to its unique brushed finish, which not only catches the eye but also allows for added longevity. The bar also has Rogue’s patented IPF logo, which ensures it is used in official competitions and also ensures positive identification when it’s used. The bar comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can ensure your bar will last a lifetime. All in all, the Rogue Tsunami Bar Max 2.0 is an excellent choice for serious weight lifters who are looking for a high-quality Olympic weightlifting bar that is built to last.


Pros & Cons


• mm diameter shaft with superior whip

• Aggressive knurling with even depths

• Steel alloy provides optimal strength

• Bright zinc coating for a classic look

• Lifetime Warranty


• Higher price point than some other powerlifting bars

• Not recommended for Olympic lifts due to lesser whip

• Single knurl mark type only

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Rogue's Tsunami Bar Max is a 315,000 PSI strength bar built for heavy lifts and Olympic Weightlifting.

• Features a unique finish, with hard chrome coating on the shaft and grooves coated in black oxide.

• Bearing and bushing-based design provides superior spin and whip.

• Aggressive knurling provides grip and added precision during lifts.

• Hardened and tempered to improve durability and help protect against wear and tear.

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Price may be too expensive for some lifters.

• Not suitable for beginners or casual lifters who are not ready for heavy or Olympic movements.

• Not recommended for intense CrossFit workouts where speed and durability are essential.


• Length: 12ft

• Beam: 97"

• Weight: 116 lbs.

• Persons Capacity: 4 adults

• Max Horsepower: 50hp

• Max Weight Capacity: 863 lbs.

• Fuel Capacity: 17 GAL

Rogue Tsunami Bar MaxSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3Similar Product 4
28.5MM Diameter28.5MM Diameter28.5MM Diameter28.5MM Diameter28.5MM Diameter
Tensile Strength 230KSITensile Strength 216KSITensile Strength 210KSITensile Strength 196KSITensile Strength 188KSI
No Center KnurlNo Center KnurlNo Center KnurlNo Center KnurlNo Center Knurl
Dual Knurl MarksDual Knurl MarksDual Knurl MarksDual Knurl MarksDual Knurl Marks
E-Coat FinishBright Zinc FinishBlack Zinc FinishBright Zinc FinishBright Chrome Finish

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