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Tsunami Bar Swing Balance Multi-Plus Stik - 63"

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Tsunami Bar Swing Balance Multi-Plus Stik - 63"

The Tsunami Bar Multi-Stik Plus 63" from Rogue Fitness is a professional-grade, multi-functional bar. Designed to accommodate a variety of workouts, this bar can be used for general and Olympic lifting, as well as a range of functional movement exercises. This barbell features a 63 inch length, with a center knurl length of 47.5 inches. It has a diameter of 1.5 inch and a stiffer 58kSI tensile strength. The shaft is composed of stainless steel and comes with black zinc and bright zinc finishes, while the sleeves are constructed of hard chrome. Additionally, the bar is decked out with medium depth diamond knurling to give users good grip without scratch or dig-in. The Tsunami Bar Multi-Stik Plus has a unique feature that makes it especially well-suited for racked exercises and Olympic lifts. In addition to its dual knurling for increased grip and control, the bar also has slight "Stik" bumps that allows you to feel the bar in your hands as you perform specific exercises. The Tsunami Bar Multi-Stik Plus 63" from Rogue Fitness is an excellent choice for athletes looking for a premium multi-functional barbell for a variety of weightlifting and functional exercises. Constructed with the highest-grade materials, this barbell is the perfect addition to any gym.


Pros & Cons


-Durably Constructed of heat-treated stainless steel

• Knurling for a secure grip

• Multi-grip options for different positions

• inch diameter allows for more stability

• Reasonable price for high quality bar

• Olympic size length

• Can be used for lifts such as squats, deadlifts, power cleans, etc.


• No center knurling

• Multiple motions may be awkward

• Doesn't come with plates or collars

• Availability could vary depending on location

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Increased versatility- The Tsunami Bar Multi-Stik Plus 63 is designed to allow for multiple exercise type (deadlifts, squats, lunges, etc.).

• Robust Construction- The bar is designed from heavy-duty steel and features two tightening knobs for added stability.

• Increase weight-lifting potential- Designed to accommodate more weight than a traditional barbell, this bar enables more potential in weight-lifting.

• Increased grip- The bar also features a knurled surface to ensure a secure grip during strength-training exercises.

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Price- At $279.99, this bar is more expensive than a traditional barbell.

• Limited exercises- This bar is designed for multiple exercises, however it is limited to basic barbell exercises.

• Limited space- The bar is 63 inches long, meaning it can be challenging to store in smaller spaces.

• Advanced weight-lifters- This bar may not provide enough weight for more experienced weight-lifters.


• Length: 63"

• Handles: Two Ultra-Comfortable Handles

• Weight: 8.8lbs

• Material: Aluminum

• Finish: Hard Anodized Finish

• Features: Double-Ended Design for Pull Ups & Pushups, Dynamic Swinging & Balance Training, Heavy-Duty Construction for Durability & Stability

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