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Tsunami Bar Speed

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Tsunami Bar Speed

-20kg The Tsunami Bar Speed 20kg from Rogue Fitness is a versatile, functional training barbell designed to help athletes improve their strength, power and speed. Crafted from steel and featuring a bright, eye-catching blue wave design, this barbell is perfect for any type of training, from Olympic lifting to CrossFit, general strength and more. The bar features a central knurling line for balanced grip, aggressive outer knurling for increased adhesion and the ability to use both Olympic and powerlifting plates. The shaft of the bar is made from 190Ksi steel, giving it a tensile strength of 215,000 PSI (200,000 above powerlifting spec) so athletes can rest assured that their pull or push won’t be interrupted by bar movement. Additionally, the barbell also includes Rogue’s proprietary “snap-ring” system for a tight spin, which helps to decrease drag on the bar, allowing for smooth, rapid transitions. Rogue Tsunami Speed 20kg barbell is a great choice for serious athletes looking to add a dynamic element to their training.


Pros & Cons


• Shock Absorbing Knurling for comfortable and safe use

• High grade steel Construction

• Hybrid-Whip Technology for enhanced whip

• Aggressive knurl for improved grip

• Bright and vibrant colors to personalize


• Expensive in comparison to other bars

• Not suitable for powerlifting

• Requires a specialized rack set up for use

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy

• Durable construction - made from high-grade steel with a powder-coated finish and a zinc-sulfur coating.

• Improved grip - diamond knurling and center knurl for comfortable workout sessions and minimized slippage.

• Stiff yet flexible - provides just the right amount of whip for explosive lifts and power training.

• Discounted pricing - most athletes can get the barbell for under $200.

Reasons Not to Buy

• Limited use - may not be suitable for Olympic lifting or other specialized athletic lifts.

• Too light - may not be suitable for heavier lifters who need a heavy-duty barbell.

• No warranty - due to the discounted pricing, the barbell does not have a warranty.

• Non-standard sizing - theTsunaami Bar may not fit into standard power racks.


- 28.5MM diameter shaft

- 190K PSI Tensile Strength

- Dual knurl marks

- Matte polished finish

- No centre knurl

- Brass bushings

- Includes 2 16.25” tapered Pass Through collars

- 15 kg (33 lbs) weight

Rogue Tsunami Bar Speed7'20kg$195
Rep Fitness AB-30000 Multi-Grip Bar7'20kg$175
Rep Fitness Olympic Power Bar7'20kg$209
American Barbell Mammoth Power Bar7'20kg$279

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