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VersaClimber Arm Extenders

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VersaClimber Arm Extenders

The Versa Climber Arm Extenders from Rogue Fitness are designed to enhance your total body conditioning routine, offering a full range of motion for your arms and shoulders. Featuring four adjustable height settings, these arm extenders give you the opportunity to directly target the muscles in your upper body and arms with a unique, dynamic exercise. The curved shape of each extender replicates the same average size and shape of an arm when in a starting position, allowing full development of the muscle groups. Durability is built in with these extenders, constructed from sturdy steel tubing and having electrostatically applied powder coating finish. The raw steel is also sealed to resist corrosion. The coated frame ensures a secure, comfortable grip while exercising, while the non-slip footplates provide the secure footing needed for proper form during your exercise. Additionally, the overall design allows for the extension arms to secure to the climbing frame. If you are looking to dial in your Versa Climber workouts, the Rogue Fitness Versa Climber Arm Extenders are a great way to get the most out of your fitness routine.


Pros & Cons


• Increases the range of motion for added versatility on a Versa Climber.

• Offers an additional 2” of reach for high-powered cardio workouts.

• Durable steel Construction with black powder coating for superior grip.

• Allows you to achieve a better workout and ultimately reach your fitness goals.


• Arm Extenders must be purchased separately from the Versa Climber.

• Not compatible with all brands of Versa Climbers.

• Price may be cost prohibitive for some.

Who Should Buy

Those who should consider buying https://www.roguefitness.com/versa-climber-arm-extenders are those who are looking for a way to increase the range of motion and intensity of their versa climber workout. This product could also be useful for those who are trying to reach higher on the climbers for a more challenging workout. On the other hand, those who do not own a versa climber and are not planning on purchasing one should not bother investing in the product.


- Durable steel construction

- Adjustable height for customizing user fit

- Padded footplate for added comfort

- Telescoping arms for varying intensities

- Heavy-duty rubber hand grips for comfort and durability

- Adapters for combining with other VersaClimber products

- Easy to attach and detach during transition time

ProductVersaClimber Arm ExtendersSimilar Product #1Similar Product #2Similar Product #3
Price Range$599 - $679$195 - $250$309 - $340$350 - $389
Weight20 lbs.2 lbs.3.3 lbs.7 lbs.
HeightAdjustableAdjustable14.5 in.17.5 in.
Resistance TypeNo ResistanceSpring Coil Resistance5-Level ResistanceAdjustable Resistance
Max Capacity450 lbs.250 lbs.250 lbs.300 lbs.

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