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VooDoo X Bands - Case

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VooDoo X Bands - Case

-pair The Voodoo X Bands from Rogue Fitness are an essential piece of equipment for strength and fitness training. Constructed from 100% natural latex rubber, these resistance bands are designed for strength and mobility training, stretching, and rehabilitation. This set of two bands comes in a choice of four different resistance levels – light, medium, heavy and extra heavy – which means that no matter your fitness level, you’ll be able to find the right bands for you. Each band is 12” long with a 6” gap between the handles so you can easily secure them to any secure surface. Along with this set, you’ll also receive an illustrated exercise guide developed by expert trainers who have tested and reviewed each exercise. The bands are designed to provide a challenging yet comfortable stretch, and the grip handles provide extra stability and support. These bands are also great for travel, as they are lightweight and compact which makes them easy to pack in a bag. You can use them any place at any time and there’s no need to worry about noisy gym equipment. The Voodoo X Bands come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you’ll have them around for many workouts to come.

  • VooDoo X Band - 7' pair

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Pros & Cons


-Sturdy and durable Construction

• Made from professional grade latex

• Multi-purpose and versatile

• Compact and lightweight

• Multiple levels of resistance available


• Could have a strong odor

• May be too large or too small for some people

• Not suitable for heavy lifting

• Might be difficult to adjust bands to desired level of tension

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Anyone looking for an effective and efficient way to increase strength, flexibility, speed, and power.

- Those who want to improve coordination and stability.

- Athletes who are looking to increase performance.

Who Should Not Buy:

- Individuals who are not interested in exercise or physical activity.

- Those who have any underlying medical or physical conditions that could put them at risk of injury with exercise.

- People who do not have any clear goals or objectives for using the bands.


•Made from stainless steel

•Red, black, and silver colored

•Weight of 59g

•Length of 250mm

•Adjustable size from 160mm – 230mm

•Heat resistant up to 250 degrees

•Spring loaded pins for secure closure

Rogue VooDoo X Bands - CaseSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Included Resistance BandsEliteFTS Heavy ResistabndsKinetic BandsWODFitters Resistance Loop Bands
Length41" each41" each41" each
Resistance Range15-150lbs15-150lbs15-100lbs
DurabilityDurable heavy-duty constructionHeavy-duty constructionPremium fabric
Resistance TypesBands onlyBands onlyBands and loops
Included HandlesIncludedNot includedNot included
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