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Web Agility Ladder

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Web Agility Ladder

The Rogue Web Agility Ladder is a training accessory designed to help you take your agility and speed workouts to the next level. Crafted from sturdy webbing for maximum durability, the ladder is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This 14-foot course is double sided with two sets of durable rungs that can be adjusted to create a variety of drills. The alternating spaces make it fit for athletes of all sizes, while the weatherproof coating prevents any damage caused by the elements. Each section of the ladder is designed to provide superior stability and grip to ensure accurate timing during any workout. The improved layout also provides a smooth and consistent pathway, making drills easier to perform. The Web Agility Ladder also comes with a convenient carrying bag to make transport and storage easy. With its lightweight construction and remarkable strength, the ladder is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their agility, speed and maneuverability.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to store and transport.

• Durable and built to last.

• Features different drills and exercises to challenge agility.

• Can be incorporated into any cardio and strength-training routine.

• Affordable price.


• Limited space for large workouts.

• Does not include instructional manual (although does include several video tutorials).

• Rungs are slightly narrower than typical agility ladders.

• Setup can be time Consuming, especially the first time.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Athletes who are looking to improve their speed, agility, and coordination.

• Fitness enthusiasts who are looking to add variety to their workouts.

• CrossFitters who are looking to increase their box-specific skills.

Who Should Not Buy

• Those who do not have a specific need for agility ladders and the associated exercises.

• Those who plan to use ladders on hard concrete surfaces.

• Those who may have limited storage space.


• Standard dimensions: 2 m x 1 m, with 10 rungs

• Rungs are spaced at 30 cm intervals

• Made of durable, hard-wearing pp

• Ladder has an anti-slip base with 8 spikes

• Lightweight & easy to transport for training anytime, anywhere

• Foldable design for added convenience

ProductSize (meters)Training LevelsCable DiameterPrice (USD)
Powermax Web Agility942.25mm34.99
Jog Alum Ladder1133mm39.99
King Athletic Ladder852.5mm44.99
RageSpeed Ladder1252.2mm32.99

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