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Westside Barbell - Overhead Press and Upper Body

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Westside Barbell - Overhead Press and Upper Body

-package The Westside Barbell Overhead Press and Upper Body Package by Rogue Fitness is the perfect choice for anyone looking to train their arms and chest. This package comes with everything you need to push your upper-body strength and conditioning to the next level. The package includes a Westside Barbell Ohio Power Bar, which is designed to provide exceptional stability for overhead presses and other pressing exercises. The bar features a 28mm diameter with a 218,000 PSI tensile strength rating and a 220k basic static load capacity. It’s equipped with a copper-infused composite bushings to ensure a smooth, consistent spin during lifts. Also included in this package is a pair of Rogue H2 Commercial Weightlifting Chains, featuring heavy-duty precision-cut links and a range of different chain links so you can increase the intensity of your workouts. The chains can be added to your existing barbell in 10 or 20-pound increments. In addition, this package comes with a set of Rogue Cast Iron Kettlebells, ranging from 12 lbs to 44 lbs. These kettlebells are designed for the most intense workouts and constructed with 100% recycled materials for a high-quality experience. This package is great for anyone with a passion for pushing their training to the absolute limit. Whether you’re a professional weightlifter or just looking to get into shape, the Westside Barbell Overhead Press and Upper Body Package by Rogue Fitness has all the equipment you need to take your upper-body strength and conditioning to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic design - designed to support and reduce stress on the body while performing overhead presses

• Multi-dimensional adjustment - able to adjust depth, height, and width of bench

• Durable and high-quality Construction - bolstered with commercial-grade steel frame and a powder-coated finish

• Great range of motion - designed to let the user gain strength and work through the entire range of motion

• Easy assembly - comes with simple instructions for an at-home setup


• Expensive - priced at a premium

• Limited exercises - not multi-functional, designed specifically for overhead pressing

• Not portable - large and heavy, not easy to transport

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking to improve their upper-body strength

• Those who enjoy performing overhead pressing movements

• Those wanting to experiment with various technical assistance exercises

• Hardcore strength enthusiasts

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who find overhead pressing movements difficult to perform

• Beginner lifters who are still looking to build a solid foundation of strength and technique

• Those looking for an economical all-in-one fitness solution


• Lift: Overhead Press

• Reps: 8-12

• Sets: 3

• Tempo: 4010

• Rest: 2:00

• Weight: Challenge yourself to go as heavy as possible

Weight CapacityDimensions
1000 lbs.90” x 65” x 141”
800 lbs.84” x 53” x 46”
500 lbs.100” x 73.5” x 56”
400 lbs.48” x 48” x 83”

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