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Westside Barbell - Squats and Sleds

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Westside Barbell - Squats and Sleds

The Westside Barbell Squats and Sleds set from Rogue Fitness is a specialized functional fitness training set designed to help athletes, strength coaches, and personal trainers develop explosive speed and power. The set includes a pair of traditional 60-inch squat bars as well as two 45lb weighted training sleds. Both bars and sleds come with built-in handles for easy transport and storage. The squat bars are built with a secure 5mm steel base, 7mm sleeves, a knurling pattern, and 60 inches of total length. This allows users to perform traditional squats while adding extra resistance with the two 45lb loading plates (included). Additionally, the knurling pattern helps ensure a strong, secure grip while lifting. The sleds feature a heavy-duty steel base and are designed specifically for speed and power training exercises. These sleds have built-in handles for added convenience, and the 45LB loading plates can be adjusted to increase or decrease the resistance for any workout. Overall, the Westside Barbell Squats and Sleds set from Rogue Fitness is an ideal and necessary piece of functional fitness training equipment for any athlete or trainer looking to increase their power and explosiveness.


Pros & Cons


• Made with heavy-duty steel for increased durability

• Coated in scratch-resistant powder coating to extend the life of the product

• Fully adjustable to accommodate any size athlete and level of strength

• Can be used to add variety to a training program

• Easy to assemble and transport


• Some athletes may find that it takes up a lot of space in a gym

• Expensive compared to other equipment

• May not be suitable for athletes with injuries or physical limitations

• Proper technique is required to prevent injury

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Ideal for athletes looking to enhance their strength training performance

• Quality product with great reviews

• Allows for a more comfortable and efficient workout

Should Not Buy:

• Expensive relative to other options

• Customers looking for a cheaper alternative

• Customers in search of a product with more diverse uses


• Westside Barbell Sleds:

• 400-500 lbs standard weight

• 8”+ rivet-style handles

• 2”x8” steel plate construction

• 26” wheels with rubber treads

• Oiled and waxed finishes

ProductHeight RangeWeight Capacity (lbs)Wheel Type
CAP Barbell Power Squat Rack with Adjustable Safety SpottersAdjustableUpto 1000Rubber
ODOLAND Barbell Squat Rack StandAdjustableUpto 550Iron
Yaheetech Barbell Squat Rack StandAdjustableUpto 465Aluminum
Goplus Adjustable Squat RackAdjustableUpto 500Rubber

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