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Book of Methods

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Book of Methods

The Westside Book of Methods eBook by elite strength coach, Louie Simmons, is an essential guide for powerlifters who are looking to take their training to the next level. Featuring a comprehensive collection of strategy suggestions and originative approaches, Simmons provides a comprehensive look into the Westside Barbell system. In this book, readers will find cutting-edge methods for increasing performance, developing exercise technique, and fine-tuning the programming process. Through the use of diagrams and easy-to-follow guidelines, readers are challenged to think about their own strength training in a different way. Simmons draws from his decades of experience as a top strength coach to provide insight and advice that beginners, as well as experienced lifters, can use to further their knowledge and improve their results. From the theoretical “Box Squat” to the practical “Special Methods,” readers will benefit from Simmons’ scientific approach to the sport of powerlifting. This book is sure to help readers of any level get more out of their training sessions by equipping them with knowledge and perspective on the Westside Barbell system. With detailed descriptions, charts, and photos, discovering the ins and outs of the system becomes a simple endeavor. Additionally, the book also addresses topics like nutrition and mental preparation, providing readers with tools to maximize their performance. It’s a must-read resource for anyone who is serious about powerlifting.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive training program

• Great for both experienced and beginners

• Geared towards athletes, powerlifters, and all sorts of strength training populations

• Includes over 160 exercises with diagrams

• Summary of all the Westside Barbell foundations

• Easy to navigate digital format

• Available immediately


• Can be difficult to interpret information for those with limited training knowledge

• Must understand principles behind the program

• No physical product included

Who Should Buy

This eBook is designed for powerlifters and strength athletes, so those who are interested in improving their powerlifting and strength skills should invest in the Westside Book of Methods eBook from Rogue Fitness. On the other hand, those who are not interested in powerlifting or strength training should not purchase the eBook.


• Published in 2016

• Written by Niels J. van der Laan

• Hardcover format

• 281 pages

• Covers the 13 traditional methods including forecasting, simulation, system dynamics, project management, and more

• Reviews a range of management methods, tools and techniques used in today’s world of business

• Uses case studies, experiences, and research to showcase the application of the methods

• Examines popular two-step approach to problem solving, applying techniques agnostically

• Provides the rationale for different methods

• Questions the relevance of certain methods

• Includes appendices containing useful reference material for further study

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