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Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual

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Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual

The Westside Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual eBook by Rogue Fitness provides comprehensive and user-friendly information on Olympic weightlifting and strength training. Written by Mike Burgener and Matt Foreman, two respected coaches in the Olympic weightlifting community, the manual provides an in-depth look into this complex sport. The manual is designed to make Olympic weightlifting accessible to newcomers and experienced weightlifters alike. It covers the fundamentals of Olympic weightlifting, such as proper technique and form, variations to suit different body types and abilities, as well as more advanced concepts like periodization and programming. The manual also includes information on preparing for and competing in Olympic weightlifting competitions. The Westside Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual eBook includes illustrations and photos to help readers visualize and understand the concepts being taught. There is an audio version of the manual available for download, which provides an audio narration of the text. The manual is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn about the basics of Olympic weightlifting or to improve their performance in the sport. With detailed explanations and helpful illustrations, this manual is an invaluable resource for any weightlifter.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive guide for Olympic Weightlift

• Written and developed by a certified strength and conditioning coach

• Includes lifting programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters

• Step-by-step tutorials for each specific lift

• Focused on teaching proper technique and form

• Includes 36+ exercises to increase stability, power, and athleticism


• No physical copy available

• Digital download only

• Targeted more towards strength training than general fitness

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• People passionate about Olympic-style weightlifting or strength training.

• Aspiring gymnasts looking to find more information about weightlifting and strength training.

• Professional coaches who need a comprehensive guide on strength training.

• Anyone looking to advance their Olympic-style weightlifting skills.

Who should not buy:

• Beginner-level athletes who are unfamiliar with Olympic-style weightlifting or strength training.

• People who are interested in exclusively performing bodyweight exercises for their workouts.

• People who are not serious about improving their Olympic-style weightlifting skills.

• Individuals who do not have the necessary space for a weightlifting program.


-Max weight capacity of 500lbs

-Wide variety of Olympic barbells and weight plates

-2 safety rods for extra weight control

-5 solid steel guide rods with 2 nylon retainers for storage and support

-Built-in wheels for easy portability

-Cushioned handlebar for added comfort when lifting

-Height adjustable to fit any cardio equipment or station

-Heavy-duty steel construction with powder coating for corrosion resistance

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