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Squat and Deadlift Manual

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Squat and Deadlift Manual

The Westside Squat and Deadlift Manual by Vincent Dizenzo and Nick Winkel is an eBook designed to help you improve your squat and deadlift technique. It provides step-by-step instructions for proper form and technique for both exercises, as well as for other variations like deficit deadlifts and pause squats. The content is based on the Westside Barbell Club, a training system developed by famed strength coach Louie Simmons. The manual starts by discussing the basics of squatting and deadlifting, including an explanation of why they are important exercises and how to determine which variations are best for your needs. It then moves into exercises, drills and programming advice, covering topics like the use of bands and chains. It also includes a special section on the competition-level deadlift. The content is well-researched and presented very clearly, including easy-to-follow diagrams of specific exercises. The eBook also provides video links that demonstrate techniques, as well as links to other publications and internet resources. This manual is ideal for anyone looking to improve their squat and deadlift technique. It’s a great resource for beginners, as well as experienced lifters who want to be sure that they’re doing their exercises correctly and can benefit from the advanced programming advice.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive review of Squat & Deadlift form

• Step-by-step instructional guide for perfecting the two lifts

• Multi-view videos to help illustrate the instructions

• Compiled by EliteFTS and Westside trainers

• Range-of-motion photography to demonstrate every little detail

• Works for all skill levels


• Digital format only, no physical copy available

• Cannot be shipped outside of the US.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Anyone wanting to improve their squat and deadlift performance

• Those looking to get stronger

• People who need coaching tips to increase their gains and technique

Should Not Buy:

• Those not interested in adapting their current fitness routine

• People not looking to get stronger

• Those not in need of valuable coaching tips to improve their ability for future workouts


• Made from durable steel material

• Can handle up to 700 pounds of weight

• Unique t-bar handle for easy grip

• Comes with adjustable feet for added stability

• Includes four different weight plates

• Compact and easy to store design

ProductTargeted MusclesMobility & Balance ExercisesPrice
Westside Squat and Deadlift ManualMulti-MuscleYes$17.99
MyStrengthBook Strength Training JournalMulti-MuscleNo$29.99
Gym Boss Timer Interval TimerNoNo$24.95
Physique Enhancement SystemFull Body StrengtheningYes$14.99

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