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Strength Manual for Running

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Strength Manual for Running

The Westside Strength Manual for Running eBook from Rogue Fitness is an all-in-one guide to help runners of all levels reach their goals and improve running technique. Compiled from renowned running coaches, the eBook is tailored to both elite athletes and beginner runners alike, providing scientifically backed tips and techniques to optimize speed and form. The eBook is easy to follow and outlines the key elements for successful running, such as proper warm-ups, sprinting techniques, plyometrics exercises, stretching and recovery for optimal running performance. Filled with high-quality visuals, this interactive eBook contains high-level concepts and exercises designed to take runners to the next level. The eBook comes as a printable PDF, featuring an introductory chapter discussing running biomechanics and form. The manual then outlines core strength exercises, including advice on proper posture and form, as well as detailed instructions on nutrition and training macros to maintain optimal performance. Broken down into four progressive levels, the running manual continues to provide tips and exercises to improve strength, speed and agility. Overall, the Westside Strength Manual for Running eBook is an ideal tool for both developing and experienced runners looking to take their running performance to the next level. Suitable for any runner looking to maximize his or her potential, the eBook contains essential advice and exercises specifically tailored to running success.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive guide, covering virtually every aspect of running a successful strength program

• Includes tips for pre-season, off-season, and in-season training plans

• Gives you a better understanding of the principles of powerlifting and strength training

• Helps you build the right foundation for running success

• Easy to read and understand with visuals explaining different components of training

• Covers nutrition, injury prevention, and recovery strategies

• Appropriate for any level of runner, from beginner to advanced


• Not suitable for competitive runners looking to reach their peak performance

• Not a comprehensive guide to developing speed, agility, or endurance

• Does not cover technique or form

• Not enough detail to help improve running performance for those at more advanced stages

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Book:

• Weightlifters looking to increase their power and speed

• Powerlifters looking to improve explosiveness

• Athletes seeking to run faster and farther

• Coaches wanting to learn more about strength and conditioning

Who Should Not Buy This Book:

• Basketball players looking to increase their vertical jump

• Bodybuilders seeking to build more mass

• Swimmers looking to increase their endurance

• Physiotherapists who do not specialize in running injuries


• Creates muscle-building, endurance-building and balanced running specific strength program

• Cover 9 weeks with exercises targeted specifically to build running performance, running stamina and joint health

• Includes progressive strength training circuits with warm-ups, core exercises, dynamic stretching, running drills, plyometric training, band and rope exercises, strength endurance circuits and more

• Features 26 chapters of content, filled with informative text, detailed exercise physiology illustrations, and video exercise clips

• Suitable for runners of all levels, from beginner to marathon

• Helps you improve strength, core stability, joint health, and running performance

• Utilizes comprehensive, progressive, and practical strength training program

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