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The Iron Samurai

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The Iron Samurai

"The Iron Samurai: Westside Training" eBook by Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive guide to the training methods of The Iron Samurai, a group of powerlifting champions from the discipline of Westside Barbell. The eBook outlines the training theories and programs of The Iron Samurai, as well as their style of programming for strength and power. The dynamic exercises and techniques are designed to improve performance, not only in the weight room but in any other sport where strength and power is important. Throughout the book, users are taken through the philosophy of Westside Barbell and the system of training used to create superhuman strength. In addition to outlining the programming principles of the program, the book also gives detailed instructions on how to apply the exercises and methods to your own training. For instance, the Iron Samurai emphasize technique and form in every exercise. Thus, users are provided with helpful instructions on how to properly execute each movement in order to get the most benefit from the program. The eBook also covers the fundamentals of diet, supplementation, and mental game to help athletes achieve their peak performance. The Nutrition section includes information on macronutrients, caloric balance, hydration, and meal timing. Additionally, the Supplementation chapter outlines the benefits of performance enhancers such as creatine and protein shakes. Finally, the Mental Game section explores the ability to push through difficult workouts and keep focus during competitions. Overall, the Iron Samurai: Westside Training eBook by Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to better themselves in the world of strength and power. With its comprehensive breakdown of programming, diet, supplementation, and mental game, this eBook lays the groundwork for users to take their fitness to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Includes information on the mental aspect of training including warm-up drills and mental exercises

• Detailed instruction on Olympic and powerlifting along with training plans

• Practical tips on nutrition

• Includes insights on designing programs to target weaknesses

• Expert advice from professional strength coaches


• eBook format would be difficult to reference during workouts

• Long form content may be overwhelming

• High price given it being an online eBook

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals interested in strength and powerlifting

• Experienced lifters who want to improve technique

• Coaches looking to develop a powerlifting program

Who Should Not Buy:

• Beginners who are new to lifting

• Individuals who are looking for beginner-level exercises

• People who are not interested in getting stronger or more powerful


-Weights: 135lbs. of weight plates, 45 lbs. of curl bar and 100 lbs. of Olympic bar

-Frame: Heavy-duty 1.5" tubular steel construction with adjustable feet

-Size: 68" L x 50" W x 83" H

-Workout Stations: Preacher curl bicep station, dual independent press arms for leg extensions and leg curls, adjustable inner and outer chest press and military press

-Features: Fully adjustable seat and backrest, aluminum pulley system, multi-position chin-up bar, gym grade cable system, durable racking systems, ergonomic rubber handlebar grips

-Accessories Included: 4 nylon/textured straps attachments, 4 revolving cable lat bars, 2 revolving cable handle bars, 1 ankle strap, 1 triceps rope attachment, 1 48" lat bar, and 2 30" revolving handlebars

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