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The Rule of Three

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The Rule of Three

The Westside: The Rule of Three eBook is a comprehensive guide to powerlifting and training produced by Rogue Fitness. Written by renowned powerlifting coach and performance guru, Tim Henriques, the book is intended to serve as a detailed step-by-step resource for those looking to build strength and power. This comprehensive guide spans over 220 pages and covers topics such as the concepts of periodization, the development of strength and power, the barbell exercises and their variations, post-workout nutrition tips, and special exercises to enhance performance. It also provides an in-depth look at the popular Westside training system and explains how to use it to optimize performance. The book covers a range of topics that should be of interest to powerlifters, athletes, and gym-goers alike. This includes sections on how to design an effective training program, selecting the right exercises, creating an appropriate diet plan, and understanding the components of the Westside system. The book also comes with a selection of bonuses, such as sample programming spreadsheets, a database of over 200 exercise demos, and a section on troubleshooting common mistakes often made when executing the Rule of Three. Overall, the Westside: The Rule of Three eBook is an extensive and comprehensive guide to powerlifting and training which should help readers gain a better understanding of the sport and maximize their training performance.


Pros & Cons


• Detailed descriptions of the Westside training method and its background

• Includes in-depth analysis and explanation of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 Training System

• Provides helpful diagrams for clarifying direction and progress

• Includes access to research papers outlining the benefits of the Westside system

• Includes a list of exercises to supplement the strength training program


• Does not include video demonstrations or instructions for each exercise

• Does not provide comprehensive instructions on nutrition and nutrition supplements

• Does not provide any information on how to monitor and adjust program based on results or individual body type/fitness level

Who Should Buy

The Westside The Rule of Three ebook from Rogue Fitness is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about techniques for strength training. People who are already well-versed in strength training will likely benefit the most from this ebook, however it is helpful for beginners of all levels. Those who are interested in holistic fitness routines and strength-training techniques should consider buying this ebook.

However, this book is not suitable for those who are not interested in strength training. People who are looking for diet and nutrition information, cardio workouts, or other methods of fitness outside of strength training should look elsewhere for guidance.


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Rim MaterialUSA made Eclipse plasticEclipse plasticPro plasticStar plastic
Flight Path14/5/-1/214/5/-0.5/1.59/3/-2/112/4/-1/2
Speed~ 3354.5
Glide~ 4345
Turn~ 0-1-2-1.5
Fade~ 21.523

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