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Throwers Guide to Strength Training

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Throwers Guide to Strength Training

The Westside Throwers Guide to Strength Training eBook by Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive guidebook designed to help athletes of all levels to reach the peak of their throwing potential. This guidebook was crafted by much experienced throwers and coaches including; John McPherson, Thomas Holt, and Mike Cadorin. This guidebook provides detailed step-by-step guidance for planning and executing an effective training program for throws. The Westside Throwers Guide to Strength Training covers seven main topics: Strength & Conditioning; Muscle Development & Exercise Selection; Core Training & Mobility; Flexibility & Technique Development; Plyometrics & Other Movements; Competition-Specific Drills; and Eating for Performance. The eBook also features strength & conditioning diagrams, exercise how-to videos, and key points of emphasis. The guidebook also covers the mental aspects of performance, so throwers can stay focused on their training while achieving peak performance levels. The Westside Throwers Guide to Strength Training is an excellent resource for both novice and advanced throwers. It can be used as a training program for athletes of all levels and is a great starting point for those just beginning the sport. The book was written by experienced coaches and throwers who have an in-depth knowledge of the sport and can provide sound advice on the best ways to excel in the field.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive guide to strength & conditioning for throwing athletes

• Offers detailed sport-specific training programs

• Illustrated with clear diagrams and images for easy reference

• Simple and easy to follow format

• Scientific principles and guidelines used are relevant and up to date


• Only available as an ebook, not a physical book

• Potentially unclear for those who are not familiar with strength and conditioning terminology

• Some readers may not find the illustrations comprehensive enough

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• People looking for strength training guides specifically tailored to throwing athletes

• People who want easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance on how to increase their strength and power

Should Not Buy:

• People who are looking for general strength training plans

• People who are looking for advanced techniques and programs


• 220-page guide to strength training

• Primarily focused on the power events and the Olympic lifts

• Covers the history and development of the power events

• Includes detailed training plans for each discipline

• Step by step instructions on the Olympic lifts

• Guidance for the development of strength and power

• Detailed nutrition advice

• Access to an online forum for support and communication with other professionals

• 6-month subscription to the Westside Throwers newsletter

• One-time membership to the Westside Throwers online group

• 30 minute one-on-one coaching call with one of the Westside Throwers experts

ProductPriceNumber Of ExercisesTarget MusclesTime Commitment
Westside Throwers Guide to Strength Training$20.0016+ exercisesCore, Shoulders, Arms60–90 minutes/3x/week
Power Pushing$17.0012+ exercisesChest, Arms, Shoulders30 minutes/2x/week
Weight Training for Women$20.0010+ exercisesArms, Shoulders, Back15–20 minutes/day
Core Workout Guide$17.0015+ exercisesAbdominals, Back, Hips30 minutes/3x/week

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