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Wide Voodoo X Band

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Wide Voodoo X Band

Rogue Voodoo X-Bands are a durable resistance band from Rogue Fitness. The bands are made from a special blend of natural and synthetic rubber that has superior performance and stretchability over standard latex bands. They feature a unique design that offers a wider overall surface area to improve range of motion and stability during exercises. The bands come in three different resistance levels which are perfect for customized training routines and are sold in sets of two. The X-Bands are ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike who want to add variety and challenge to their workouts. They are great for bodyweight exercises, dynamic stretching, muscle activation, mobility training and speed work. The X-Bands come with easy to follow instructions that show proper form, how to select the correct size and how to safely use them. Each set comes with two 7' x 1" bands that are designed to provide superior comfort and support during exercise. The bands are lightweight and portable which makes them great for home or on the go exercise. They will help you build strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as improve your core stability. From improving your deadlift technique to getting a full body workout, the Rogue Voodoo X-Bands will help you reach your fitness goals.


Pros & Cons


• Made with high-quality materials for lasting performance

• Variety of resistances provides flexibility to customize your workouts

• Wide design easily wraps around larger equipment

• Portable – use them anywhere for an effective workout

• Cheap compared to other resistance band options


• Can be difficult to set up the bands correctly

• May be too light for those who are looking for more intense workouts

• May require additional attachments to wrap them around large objects

• End of the bands can dig into your flesh if not put on correctly

• May cause rope burn if not properly secured to prevent slipping

Who Should Buy

Reasons To Purchase:

• Durable and long-lasting material designed for frequent use.

• Lightweight and portable, making them ideal for home workouts and travel.

• Can be used for a variety of exercises including squats, glute bridges and lateral walks.

• Versatile resistance bands allowing for a wide range of strength training.

Reasons Not To Purchase:

• Costly compared to other resistance bands.

• May not be the right resistance band for advanced lifters.

• Limited color options.

• Not ideal for exercises with heavy weights.


• Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz

• Impedance: 16 ohms

• Sensitivity: 94 dB

• Maximum power input: 500 mW

• Driver diameter: 40 mm

• Connector type: 3.5 mm gold plated

• Cable length: 5.9 feet (1.8 meters)

• Weight: 295 grams

SizeResistance Range
24"5-35 lbs
36"15-40 lbs
48"10-35 lbs
36"10-40 lbs

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