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York Competition/Weightlifting Training Bars

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York Competition/Weightlifting Training Bars

. The York Barbell Competition Weightlifting Training Bar is an excellent choice for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. This barbell is carefully constructed to meet the stringent requirements of competitive weightlifting organizations around the world. The bar is built with a hollow steel bar, with a 25 mm shaft and a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI. The sleeves are secured with two sets of needle bearings and two thrust bearings, offering an exceptionally smooth spin. The bar is designed with both steel and bronze bushings that provide ultimate stiffness and balance while reducing torque. Its bright zinc finish provides excellent protection against corrosion, while its knurling allows for a secure gripping surface. The center knurling is IWF approved and has a polished finish. The bar comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1500mm to 2200mm in length and 15kg to 25kg in weight, so you can choose a bar that fits your needs. Whether you're a professional Olympic weightlifter, powerlifter, or just looking for a high-quality barbell for training and fitness, the York Barbell Competition Weightlifting Training Bar is an excellent choice.

  • Men's 20KG "Elite" Competition Olympic Bar

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  • Women's 15KG "Elite" Competition Olympic Bar

    In Stock


  • Men's 20KG YORK Olympic Training Bar

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  • Women's 15KG YORK Olympic Training Bar

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  • 7' USA Power Bar - 1500LB Test, 29MM

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Pros & Cons


• Some of the most reliable and durable weightlifting bars on the market

• Designed specifically for competitive lift training

• High strength steel used throughout

• mm diameter bar with 1.2 mm knurling

• Magnetic bearings and high-quality snap rings

• Phenomenal whip and spin


• High price point

• Enhanced performance compared to standard barbells can take time to learn

• Limited color options

• No center knurling or other add-ons available

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Serious weightlifters who need the highest quality barbell for optimal performance.

• Fitness enthusiasts looking to increase the challenge of their workouts.

• Home gym owners who are looking to invest in equipment that will last long-term.

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those on a budget as the York barbell is high-priced.

• Individuals who don’t intend to participate in weightlifting or Olympic lifting movements.

• Those with limited space since the York barbell is longer than a standard barbell.


• 15.75 lb weight

• 48" in length

• 2" diameter

• Nickel-plated steel construction

• Smooth whip without spin

• 5 needle bearings per sleeve

• 200,000 PSI PSI tested tensile strength

• Aggressive knurling

• Medium depth diamond knurling

• No center knurling

• 2.2mm-2.5mm maximum shaft diameter

• Uses a 28mm inner diameter sleeve diameter

• Finished with a black oxide coating

York Competition/Weightlifting Training Bar20kgAggressiveBronze Bushing$286
Rogue OB-8620kgModerateOilite Bushing$430
Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Training Bar20kgAggressiveNeedle Bearing$815
Olympic Power Training Bar20kgModerateNeedle Bearing$500
Cap Barbell 28MM Power Bar20kgAggressiveCasted Bushing$75

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