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York Strength Training Bars (Black Oxide)

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York Strength Training Bars (Black Oxide)

The York Strength Training Bars in Black Oxide offer the ideal combination of weight and durability for strength training. The bar is made from a combination of alloy steel, featuring a black oxide finish for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear. Featuring a 25mm grip, the bar offers a sure grip when handling the maximum load of 1500lb. The bars also feature precision-machined grooves and knurl marks, providing greater stability and tactile feedback when performing lifts. The self-lubricating composite bushings reduce noise and vibration associated with Olympic-style weightlifting, while the high-tensile strength steel shaft ensures stability and durability. With a length of 85.5 inches and a weight of 44lbs, these bars are great for any type of strength training. They also have a compact design, making them easy to store and transport. York Strength Training Bars are a great choice for any weightlifting enthusiast, providing maximum performance and dependable results.

  • 7' International Black Oxide Bar - 32MM

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  • 7' International Black Oxide Bar - 30MM

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  • 6′ International Black Oxide Bar - 28.575MM

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  • 5′ International Black Oxide Bar - 28.575MM

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Pros & Cons


• High-quality, solid steel Construction

• Black-oxide coating for extra protection

• No rotating sleeves, reducing the amount of maintenance

• Angular design makes it easier to grip and less likely to cause injury or discomfort

• Small diameter collars make it easier to change weights

• Compatible with standard Olympic plates

• Multiple knurling patterns for multiple grips


• Not suitable for Olympic-style weightlifting

• Not designed for powerlifting

• Relatively narrow sleeves limit the use of certain weight types

• Subpar finishes can result in rust or oxidation over time

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those interested in Youfitness equipment for home exercise

• Those looking for a high quality barbell

• Those who desire an affordable and durable barbell

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a light barbell

• Those looking for a barbell made out of stainless steel

• Those wanting a barbell with a good knurling


- Size: 7' Olympic Bars

- Weight: 20 kg

- Knurling: Medium/High

- Shaft diameter: 28 mm

- Centre knurling: Double Rings

- Tensile Strength: 200,000 PSI

- Sleeve Finish: Black Oxide

- Knurling Finish: Nickel Plated

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Weight20 kg21 kg23 kg22 kg
FinishBlack OxideHard ChromeBright ZincManganese Phosphate
Max Load700 lb800 lb960 lb800 lb

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