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Sorinex Standard Series Bosco™ Power Bar

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Sorinex Standard Series Bosco™ Power Bar

The Bosco Power Bar by Sorinex is a high quality barbell designed to provide a reliable and durable pumping experience for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and cross-training workouts. The bar is constructed of all-steel construction, featuring a black oxide finish and increased knurling to provide optimal grip and protection. This bar comes with a 220K tensile strength rating, a moderate flex rating for controlled handling of heavy weights, and a 710K tensile strength center sleeve for extra power and reliability. The dual knurl marks - one for powerlifting and one for Olympic lifting - provide users with the perfect grip for each exercise, no matter the weight. This barbell also features heat-treated alloy steel bronze bushings for smooth rotation, and the 13.75” shaft length and 3” center knurling space make it ideal for both powerlifting and Olympic lifting. This bar is suitable for users of all sizes and abilities - from beginners to world-class athletes. The Bosco Power Bar is a must-have piece of equipment for any gym, and its quality materials and solid construction make it a great choice for those looking for an all-round barbell.

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  • Black Cerakote

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to use and customize

• Constructed from premium metal

• Features Olympic knurl and center knurl-markings for easy grip

• Protected from dirt, rust, and corrosion with a bright black finish

• Made with durable stainless-steel bushings for smooth spin

• Compatible with a wide variety of Olympic plates and Olympic bars

• Center bars are tested for performance, quality, and safety


• Requires extra Olympic plates for traction

• Pricey compared to some Olympic barbells

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Strength athletes or powerlifters

- Those looking for a robust, reliable, high-tensile power bar

- Those seeking a USA made, quality power bar

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those looking for an Olympic weightlifting bar

- Those seeking a specialty bar (e.g. trap bar, safety squat bar)

- Those looking for an entry-level power bar


- Steel construction with black zinc finish

- 29 mm shaft diameter

- 205,000 PSI tensile strength shaft

- 215,000 PSI tensile strength sleeves

- Dual knurl marks for powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting

- Snap ring assembly

- Center knurling

- Maximum 2,500 lb load capacity

- 1500 lb dynamic rating

KnurlTensile Strength/CertificationBushing/Bearings
Medium190K tensile strengthBrass bushing
Aggressive200K tensile strengthBearings
Medium208K tensile strengthBronze bushings
Medium190K tensile strengthFree-spinning needle bearing
Aggressive190K tensile strengthBronze bushing

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