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Landmine™ Home Base

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Landmine™ Home Base

The Sorinex Landmine Home Base is an innovative home gym solution that combines the convenience of a rack with the unique capability of a landmine. This highly durable piece of equipment is designed to help you build functional strength and conditioning with minimal space requirement. The product features two height adjustable posts with heavy-duty steel construction that can support up to 500lbs capacity. It also comes with a detachable landmine attachment for adding variety to your training sessions. The Landmine Home Base is designed to fit in any home gym space and provide an ideal solution for high-intensity workouts. It is also easy to adjust for user height and footprint for optimal results. What's more, the product also comes with a high-density foam to protect the floor from scratching and provide excellent comfort for you during your workouts. The Landmine Home Base is a must-have piece of equipment for any home gym enthusiast looking to challenge themselves and take their workouts to the next level.

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Pros & Cons


• Comes with two adjustable weight posts

• Lightweight and simple to assemble

• Compatible with various Olympic bars

• Allows for greater range of motion for muscle activation

• Can provide stability for unilateral lower weight exercises

• Can be used in home gyms and personal training settings


• More expensive than other conventional weight racks and landmine devices

• May not be suitable for heavier weights due to its small frame

• Not easily portable

• Not suitable for more complex exercises that require more stability

• Limited warranty

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who are serious about strengthening core muscles

• Those who are looking for an effective strength training tool to use at home

• Those who are interested in unique, innovative strength training equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who have limited space for strength training equipment

• Those who are not interested in training core muscles

• Those who are seeking more traditional strength training options


• Dimensions: 10’x15’

• Easy Setup: Requires 2 people 5 minutes

• Maximum Allowable Weight: 265 lbs.

• Material: Heavy duty steel frame and fabric exterior

• Anchoring Method: Anchored into any level surface

• Optional Accessories: Stability Kit, Mobility Kit

ProductWeight CapacityAttachmentsPrice
Sorinex Landmine™ Home BaseUnlimited7 Attachments$299
Olympic Landmine450 LBS2 Min. Attachments$248
Landmine Trainer550 LBS8 Attachments$249
Power Systems Landmine500 LBS7 Attachments$299
Landmine Handle500 LBS6 Attachments$299

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