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Mighty Mitts™ Anvil Trainer

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Mighty Mitts™ Anvil Trainer

The Sorinex Mighty Mitts Anvil Trainer is a great piece of fitness equipment designed to add an extra challenge to most free-weight programs. The two anvils are designed to be used with standard dumbbells, allowing you to increase the intensity of your workouts at any interval. The hexagonal shape adds a unique twist that lets you hold the anvils in any orientation you want, allowing you to work different muscles in a variety of angles. It's made with high-quality steel and is reinforced with reinforced webbing and heavy gauge steel. The overall size is 32” in diameter and each anvil measures 19” tall. The anvils have a black coat finish and the steel center bolt making the design durable and rust resistant. The trainer also features raised edges around the perimeter, increasing your grip and helping you build stability during workouts. The Sorinex Mighty Mitts Anvil Trainer is an excellent piece of equipment for anyone looking to switch up their workouts and challenge everyday exercises. Whether you're training for endurance, strength, or a variety of exercises, the trainer gives you the additional challenge and assistance you need to get the results you want.


Pros & Cons


• Helps with grip strength training for athletes

• Designed to provide a neutral, organic grip

• Works with the natural setup of an athlete’s hands

• Equipped with comfortable padding

• Available in two different sizes

• Made from high-quality materials


• Expensive

• No versatility of grip

• May not be suitable for everyone depending on specific hand sizes and shapes

• May require some adjustment and practice to master proper grip technique

• Portability may be a challenge given the bulky nature of the mitts

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who are looking for a straight-forward and convenient way to strengthen their hands and wrists

• Weightlifters who want to improve grip while bench pressing

• Athletes of all levels who are seeking to add grip strength conditioning to their training

Who Should NOT Buy:

• Those with pre-existing hand or wrist injuries for which the Mighty Mitts would be overly strenuous

• Individuals who lack coordination or struggle coordinating hand and arm movements


• GEL-INFUSED Technology: enhanced comfort and protection

• PU leather construction with integrated wrist wraps

• Completely adjustable hook-and-loop wrist closure

• Weight: 80-90 lbs

• Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large

• Reinforced, double-padded foam for added cushion and protection

• Durable steel frame

• Adjustable footpads for stability and balance

• Non-skid base for extra grip and stability

ProductDurabilityLoad Bearing CapacityLow Profile
Sorinex Mighty Mitts™ Anvil TrainerHigh100lbsYes
Iron Ape Original AnvilHigh200lbsNo
Rogue MB-42 AnvilHigh120lbsNo
The Grease PitMedium150lbsYes

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