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PowerBlock Pro 175 Commercial Set

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PowerBlock Pro 175 Commercial Set

The Poweblock Pro 175 Commercial Set is a comprehensive set of powerlifting tools, designed by leading gym equipment specialists Sorinex. This set includes two sets of adjustable steel weight plates with capacities ranging from 10 lbs to 175 lbs, along with three interchangeble handles and two lock collars to safely hold the plates securely in place. The handles are ergonomically-shaped with knurled grips and collars are spring loaded for secure fastening and secure fitting. The set is capable of providing the optimal weight range for powerflex athletes and is designed to be used in commercial gym settings. The density of the weight plates keeps them from shifting during rapid movements and makes them ideal for a number of different powerlifting activities. Additionally, the plastic covers help ensure that the plates remain free of dents and other potential damages. With the Powerlock Pro 175 Commercial Set, powerflex enthusiasts are provided with the ideal set of tools for smooth, safe, and reliable lifting.

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Pros & Cons


-High quality steel Construction that is durable and built to last

• Ergonomically designed to reduce strain

• settings ranging from 2.5 lbs to 175 lbs

• Integrated Handle makes it easy to move

• Integrated Safety Mechanism prevents accidental releases

• Compact design allows for easy storage

• Weights can be adjusted in small increments for progressive overload


• High Price Point

• Not adjustable for powerlifting exercises

• Limited Offering of Weight Increments

• Does not come with stands or racks

• Can be difficult to adjust the weights safely and quickly

Who Should Buy

Reasons for Who Should Buy:

- Commercial-grade quality

- High weight capacity

- Variety of weight options

- Built-in safety features

- Compact design

Reasons for Who Should Not Buy:

- High cost

- Limited color options

- Not ideal for limited space


-17.5” of total weight for Single Stack -Rackable, mounts on existing power rack -Heavy-duty steel endcaps -Small, 2” x 6” foot print -125 lbs, increments 1.25-175; 175-200 (Add-on Block) -Sold as a pair -Corner protectors for safe and stylish look

Sorinex PowerBlock Pro 175 Commercial Set
Weight Range2.5-175 lbs per hand (2.5lb increment)
Dimensions4.90” x 9” x 10.5”
Max Adjustment Length17”
Max Load350 lbs (total)
CompatibilityFits Olympic-sized plates
Plates IncludedNone
GripAnti-Rolling, Contoured Handles
ProductWeight RangeDimensionsMax Adjustment LengthMax LoadCompatibilityPlates IncludedGripPrice
USA Sports by Troy Barbell 140 lb SET5-50 lbs per Hand (5lb increment )22.5” x 8.5” x 8”16”280 lbs. (total)Fits Olympic-sized platesNoneRubber encased$359.99
CAP Barbell Black Olympic Grip Plate Set2.5 -45 lbs per hand (2.5lb increment)1.5” x 17.13” x 8.13”18.5”390 lbs (total)Fits Olympic Sized Plates245 lbs IncludedTextured$544.55
Body-Solid Tools Olympic Chrome Handle Set2.5 - 45 lbs per hand (2.5lb increment)9.8” x 11.8” x 5.7”18.75”375 lbs. (total)Fits Olympic Sized PlatesNoneAnti-Roll, Revolving$725.00
Valor Fitness Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate Set10-45 lbs per hand (10lb increment)16” x 16” x 4.7”18”360 lbs (total)Fits Olympic Sized Plates260 lbs. IncludedOutfitted Rubber Grip$ 708.99

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