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Standard Spring Collars

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Standard Spring Collars

The Sorinex Standard Spring Collars are a durable and lightweight solution for securely holding weight plates in place on barbells. They are manufactured from premium grade steel and are built to withstand the rigorous demands of heavy lifting. The collars feature an easy-to-close locking mechanism that ensures a tight and secure fit on any standard barbell. The standard spring collars provide an additional layer of safety when performing various exercises, allowing users to lift with confidence. The collars are designed to prevent weight plates from sliding, allowing exercises to be performed with maximum efficiency and with minimal risk. The combination of their simple design, high-grade steel construction, and easy-to-close locking mechanism make them an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned weightlifters alike.


Pros & Cons


• Made of durable stainless steel

• Walks fit tightly and securely on Olympic barbells

• Variety of sizes available

• Can easily be cleaned

• Ideal for powerlifters


• Metal can be abrasive on the skin

• May be uncomfortable to use

• Expensive compared to other brands

• Only works with Olympic-sized barbells

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Easy to use and maintain

- Inexpensive

- Heavy-duty construction

- Strong and secure fit

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for Olympic plates

- May not fit plates with large collars


• Color: Black

• Material: Steel

• Design: Spring-loaded with lever-grip release

• Finish: Zinc

• Size: 2”

• Weight Capacity: 400 lb. Weight Capacity Per Collar

• Warranty: Commercial Lifetime Warranty

FeaturesSorinex Standard Spring CollarsSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Color VarietyYesYesYesNo
MaterialDurable steelSoft ABS PlasticRubberAluminum
Number of Pairs2246
Secure GripYesYesNoYes
Weight Capacity75-150 lbs100 lbs150 lbs250 lbs

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