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Stretch Loop

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Stretch Loop

The Sorinex Stretching Loop is a versatile stretching aid designed to help improve flexibility, range of motion and dynamic mobility. It is made from a durable elastic fabric with a wide, looped design, which allows for convenient hands-free stretching. The fabric of the loop is textured to provide grip and support to help hold your stretches longer. The loop is perfect for using solo or with a partner, and is suitable for all levels of workout intensity and ability. The loop features a 2-inch width and has multiple loop sizes, which makes it perfect for both upper and lower body stretching exercises. It has reinforced stitching to help ensure its longevity. It also features an adjustable buckle closure, which allows you to adjust the loop size to your desired level of intensity and stretch. This product can be used to help improve flexibility in your muscles, ligaments and tendons, which can help prevent injury and improve performance. It can also be used for dynamic warm-up exercises, which involve stretching and moving your body in multiple positions. It is an ideal stretching aid for those who are looking to improve their overall fitness, flexibility and body control. Overall, the Sorinex Stretching Loop is a reliable and versatile stretching aid that can help improve flexibility, range of motion and dynamic mobility. With its adjustable closure and reinforced stitching, it provides excellent performance for all levels of fitness. It is also suitable for both solo and partner exercises, making it a great accessory to have within any fitness routine.

  • Full / Black Texture Finish

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  • Half / Black Texture Finish

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Pros & Cons


• Compact size - perfect for travel and storage

• Easily adjustable with a range of fitness levels

-Strong, durable Construction

• Helps develop and strengthen muscle

• Comfortable grip

• Comes with instructional booklet and online instructions


• Not ideal for those with large hands

• Pricey

• Does not help to improve range of motion

• Cannot be used for cardio

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals looking to improve flexibility for sports or physical therapy.

• Professionals and coaches seeking to utilize in-gym stretching equipment.

• Athletes striving to enhance their muscles and improve performance.

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals without any stretching goals or intentions.

• People who don't have the space in their home for a stretching loop.

• Those looking for a cheaper stretching aid.


-Dimensions: 6” x 14”, 0.25MM thick

-Multiple loop sizes ranging from 2” to 8”

-Firm and heavy resistance

-Made of 100% pure natural latex

-4 distinct resistance levels: X-Light, Light, Medium, and Heavy

-Available in a variety of colors

ProductResistance RangeDoor AnchorContoured Handles
Sorinex Stretch Loop15-50 lbsYesYes
Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands10-50 lbsYesNo
INCOKTECH Resistance Bands5-50 lbsNoYes
WODFitters Resistance Loop Bands10-40 lbsYesYes

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