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Training Bumpers

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Training Bumpers

-5x5 Sorinex Training Bumpers 5x5 are professional-grade, full-rubber-encased weight plates designed to provide a heavy-duty weightlifting solution. Each bumper is made of a hard, durable rubber encasing and is color-coded for easy weight identification. The strong center hub and thick rubber walls ensure that no matter how much weight is loaded on them, they won’t bend or crack. Each bumper weighs five kilograms and is perfect for Olympic-style weightlifting, weightlifting competitions and any other type of strength training. The plates are designed with a 1” lip that can securely lock onto the 2-inch Olympic plates, making them ideal for both Olympic and trap style bars. The vertical design also allows athletes to lift from a variety of starting positions.

  • 10 LB

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  • 25 LB

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  • 45 LB

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Pros & Cons


• Compact design saves space in your gym

• Sold as a pair so you can perform lifts with a partner

• Comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty

• They won’t move while you’re lifting

• Designed for heavy duty use

• They have both rounded and flat ends for different exercises

• Made from thick rubber for an enhanced grip


• Pricier than some other bumper plates

• They don’t have handles, making it hard to move them around

• Heavy plates can be a struggle to load and unload on the barbell

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Gym owners

• Olympic lifts enthusiasts

• Professional athletes

• Home gym owners

Who Should Not Buy:

• Beginners

• Those who do not plan to use the weight plates for Olympic lifts

• Those who prefer rubber coated weight plates


• Soft enough for protection, yet firm enough for a confident grip

Sorinex Training BumpersProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Color Optionsavailableavailableavailableavailable
Hole Diameter2.5"2.4"2.25"2.5"
Weight Capacity500 lbs1200 lbs1000 lbs800 lbs
Shock Absorptionnot specifiedYesYesYes

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