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Wolf Brigade Mace

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Wolf Brigade Mace

The Wolf Brigade Mace from Sorinex is a powerful and innovative training tool for developing strength and power. This unique piece of equipment incorporates three different pieces to provide a multifaceted training experience. The primary component of the mace is the 40 lb premium medium steel head constructed from durable alloy steel. The head is painted with a black and gray two-tone finish that enables easy identification and core tracking during training. The head also features deep grooves along the surface, designed to improve grip and overall control. The handle portion of the mace is made from 3.2-millimeter thick American-sourced heat-treated knurled steel. This handle is designed to reduce slipping and has been ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort and support during workouts. Sorinex chose to use this material because of its strength and durability, making it suitable for rigors of intense training. The third piece of the Wolf Brigade Mace is a 10” long cushion bumper sleeve made from a blended rubberized material. This bumper sleeve absorbs shock from heavy impacts, protecting the mace and its user from undue stress and injury. This cushion bumper can be easily removed for switching to heavier or lighter weight loads, allowing for a versatile and dynamic workout experience. All in all, the Wolf Brigade Mace from Sorinex is a great training tool that provides a unique combination of strength and versatile training. The high-quality construction and design, combined with helpful safety attributes, makes this piece of equipment the ideal choice for athletes and athletes of all levels.

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Pros & Cons


• provides a full body functional workout

• sturdy Construction, designed to withstand high intensity workouts

• multiple handle design to accommodate different user needs

• comes with two weight options of 10lbs and 15lbs

• features a rubberized grip to give users a secure grip


• higher price-point compared to similar products

• only available in black color

• handles may be too large for smaller users

• additional weight plates must be purchased separately

Who Should Buy


Who should buy:

• Athletes looking to increase core strength

• Fitness enthusiasts who wish to build full body strength

• Those who are looking for a challenge

Who should not buy:

• People who are new to fitness, as the mace can be difficult to use

• Individuals who are intimidated by unorthodox fitness equipment

• Those who are not willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to use the mace safely and effectively


• Polyurethane handles

• 2 lbs in weight

• Core-strengthening traditional fitness training tool

• Used for training grip strength, stamina and shoulder mobility

• Ideal for full-body workouts: warm-up, mobility, strength, and endurance

• Constructed with precision-balanced, competitive-grade iron material

ProductWeightLengthAngleHandle LengthCost
Sorinex Wolf Brigade Mace28 lbs18"25°14"$179.95
Onnit Primal Kettlebell Mace24 lbs16"20°14"$120
Dragon Door Steel Mace10-26 lbs16-18"12-14"$74.95
Domyos Steel Mace8-22 lbs15"14"$59.99
Kettlebell Kings Steel Mace10-16 lbs15-18"12-14"$59.99

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