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XL Series™ 20' Rig

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XL Series™ 20' Rig

The Sorinex XL Series 20 Rig is designed to take your strength training to the next level. This robust and highly-functional piece of fitness equipment is perfect for gyms, fitness studios, and home gyms alike. It features an adjustable frame that accommodates Olympic and powerlifting bars and stands 3.51 m tall with a width of 2.1 m. The 11-gauge steel frame provides a strong foundation for your training, and is powder-coated for enhanced durability and to help protect it from the elements. The rig has up to 10 pull-up stations, multiple cross-members for versatile training options, and is compatible with Sorinex accessory attachments. Each rig includes two double-stack plate storage pegs on each post, two ring attachments for plyometric work, two rope attachments for rope training and wall-mounting capabilities. The Sorinex XL Series 20 Rig also includes a lifter-friendly, under-mount barbell holder to help reduce strain and fatigue and to better align with the natural body's range of motion. Made of quality materials and designed with attention to detail, this piece of fitness equipment is sure to be the centerpiece of your home gym.


Pros & Cons


- Constructed from heavy-duty steel for long-term durability.

• Features a dual pull-up bar with two height options for custom exercises.

• Comes with standard J-Cups and band pegs for enhanced versatility.

• Includes several add-on storage units for convenient gear storage.

• Dual chrome-plated safety bars ensure safety during strenuous exercise routines.


• Comes in a single style without customization options

• Relatively expensive compared to its competitors

• Not suitable for use on all floor types due to its weight

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Rig:

• Those looking for an exceptionally durable and versatile training rig

• Athletes and coaches who are serious about functional fitness and strength training

• Those with large commercial or personal training spaces

Who Should Not Buy This Rig:

• Those on a tight budget

• Those looking for a smaller or less complex piece of equipment

• Those with limited space or mostly indoor training


-20' Tall

-2 Spinal Poles with Heavy Duty Center Struts

-3" Triangle Truss

-Robotic Design

-Flexible Mounting System

-Compatible with many Graphics

-Integrated Mesh Seals

-Heavy Duty Retro-fit base

-Rustproof Aluminum Structure

RigSizeColor OptionsUprightsPull-Up BarJ-Cups
Sorinex XL Series™ 20' Rig20'Matte Black and White3" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel2” x 3” Steel2" x 3" Upright Mounted
Rogue Monster Series 42" Rig42"Matte Black2" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel2” x 3” Steel2" x 3" Floor Mounted
American Barbell Club Series Rig12'Matte Black and White2" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel2” x 3” Steel2" x 3" Upright Mounted
FringeSport Bravo Rig12'Matte Black2" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel2” x 3” Steel2" x 3" Upright Mounted
Rep Fitness PR-1000 Power Rack10'Matte Black2" x 2" 11 Gauge Steel2” x 3” Steel2" x 3" Upright Mounted

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