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Muay Thai Heavy Bag

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Muay Thai Heavy Bag

The Titan Fitness Muay Thai Heavy Bag is a great choice for those looking to reach their full potential in the martial art of Muay Thai. The bag is crafted from 1000D military-grade vinyl, with x4 heavy internal straps providing superior bag stability and shape. Its peak length of 5 ft gives you the perfect punching surface for a realistic Muay Thai experience. The bag comes complete with a constructed-in secure chain and swivel, so you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment to safely and conveniently hang it in your gym or home. Your purchase will include a durable and easy-to-clean canvas cover that’s resistant to moisture and bacteria, ensuring you can use it confidently in any training environment. The canvas material also provides a consistent level of shock absorption, allowing you to practice your strikes with greater power and accuracy, while the integrated air-weave panels give the bag a true feel of Thai boxing. Suitable for both amateur and professional Muay Thai martial artists, the Titan Fitness Muay Thai Heavy Bag offers excellent value for money and is sure to help you get a few more rounds in.


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Pros & Cons


• High quality materials used for Construction

• Durable construction to withstand heavy use

• Comes unfilled allowing user to customize balance and weight

• High impact bag for strong workouts

• Perfect size for general punching and kicking exercises

• Heavy bag chains and hardware included


• Heavy bag needs to be filled and can be difficult to do so

• Price may be expensive to some people

• Not suitable for intense cardio and aerobic workouts

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

• Those looking for a versatile, heavy-duty bag that is ideal for Muay Thai striking drills

• Individuals who are invested in improving their fitness and endurance levels

• Fitness enthusiasts who have access to adequate storage space

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• Those who are not experienced fighters or coached by a professional

• Individuals without sufficient storage space in their home

• Those who prefer a lighter weight bag for drills and training


- Heavy-duty, double-stitched vinyl construction

- Reinforced webbing straps

- Heavy-duty zippers

- Gel-filled inner core

- Thick foam insulation

- High-density vinyl striking surface

- Weighs 70 lbs

- Measures 80" x 20"

ProductWeightDiameterFill Material
Titan Muay Thai Heavy Bag100 lbs14"Plasteel Filling
Valor Fitness Heavy Bag75 lbs14"Polyurethane
Elite Sports Long Boxing Bag50 lbs20"Plush Foam
Venum Kickboxing Heavy Bag65 lbs16"70% Pre-filled Fiber/30% Cotton
Everlast Striking Bag70 lbs14"Everlast Plasflex® filler

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