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Pivoting Reflex Trainer

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Pivoting Reflex Trainer

Titan Fitness Pivoting Reflex Trainer is an all-in-one boxing and reaction training tool designed to enhance the user’s agility and speed. Constructed with 2 inch foam covered padded arms, a full 18-inch base, and a secure steel frame, the Pivoting Reflex Trainer is designed to take an increased level of abuse. Built with a 360-degree ball socket joint and spring return, the Reflex Trainer allows for a wide range of motion while in use, enabling athletes and users to become quicker, more agile, and faster reacting. This all-in-one unit also includes adjustable height settings ranging from 35-44 inches tall, making it accessible to athletes of all heights and lengths. Each Pivoting Reflex Trainer includes two protection headgear for added safety and is a must-have for any boxing or self-defense training routine.


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Pros & Cons


• Compact design allows for easy portability

• Durable Construction of ABS plastic and steel

• Has a stable suction base for safety

• Handles with foam grips for added stability

• Includes an adjustable resistance tube for variable tension

• Can be used for workouts for any fitness level


• Suction base may not stick to some surfaces

• The adjustable resistance tube can be too intense for certain exercises

• Limited range of exercises compared to free weights

Who Should Buy


For Who Should Buy:

• Train in both speed and agility

• Improve coordination and hand-eye coordination

• Increase balance and agility

• Simple and compact design

For Who Should Not Buy:

• Need to practice with a boxing coach for technique

• Require a heavy bag for power punches

• Do not have the necessary space

• Already accomplished in boxing or martial arts


• Compact size designed for any home or office environment

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Dimensions80"H x 58"L x 36"W78"H x 58"L x 40"W80"H x 43.5"L x 36"W66.5"H x 58"L x 36"W
Maximum User Weight300lbs300lbs350lbs250lbs
Number Of Exercises1081014
Maximum Speed30mph25 mph20 mph20 mph

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