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Speed Rope

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Speed Rope

Titan's Speed Rope is the perfect solution for athletes of all kinds looking to take their cardio training to the next level. With a simple but powerful design, this rope is suitable for beginners and power jumpers alike. Featuring an ergonomic plastic handle and adjustable length, the Speed Rope offers maximum comfort and reliable performance. The 1/2-inch diameter nylon rope is great for jumping higher and faster, and is also strong enough to withstand the toughest workouts. The lightweight design also helps to keep you agile and avoid fatigue. Whether you’re using the rope for CrossFit movements or just a classic jump rope workout, you can be sure the Speed Rope will get you the results you need.


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Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit

• Total length of rope is 10 feet, suitable for most people

• Ergonomically designed handle for secure grip

• Compact and easy to transport with its lightweight Construction

• Durable rubberized construction for rigorous use

• Red rubber ends offer 360 degree motion for a smooth rope-turning experience


• Not suitable for tall people

• Rope may become kinked over time if used incorrectly

• Not ideal for more complex exercises such as double-unders

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Athletes looking for an effective full body workout

• People who want to challenge and change their routine

• Individuals who want a fast and effective cardio exercise

Who Should Not Buy:

• People with limited overhead space

• Individuals who are just starting to learn how to jump rope

• People with limited joint mobility


-Weight: 0.1 lb

-Length: 9.8ft

-Handle Material: PVC

-Cord Material: Nylon

-Cord Thickness: 3mm

-Cable Length: 9.8 feet

-Bearing Type: Smooth, ball-bearing

Titan Speed RopeR1R2R3
Handle materialLightweight aluminum alloyDurable ergonomic plasticAdjustable steelWood
Wire length9 feet10 feet9 feet9 feet
Cable materialWeighted steel wire cablePVC coated steel cablePVC coated steel cableNylon Cable
FeaturesTangle-resistantUncoil-resistant3 Adjustable roller ball bearingsComes with 3 cables

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