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100 LB Weight Training Sandbag

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100 LB Weight Training Sandbag

The Titan Fitness 100 lb Weight Training Sandbag offers both an alternative and accessible way to add resistance and strength training to any workout routine. This rugged, durable bag sports a hard-wearing tarpaulin external shell with reinforced stitching, designed to be tough and capable of enduring extreme conditions and wear. The bag itself is filled with 100 lbs of sand, with synthetic mesh and internal baffling. The mesh helps keep the sand inside the bag evenly distributed, and the internal baffling prevents air pockets from forming, maximizing the weight and providing an evenly-balanced workout tool. The durable construction materials and overall design help to ensure the sandbag exercises retain their integrity and do not tear. The sandbag features four handles sewn into the bag, and a shoulder strap, allowing for the user to shift the weight and move it easily for a rigorous workout. There’s also a zipper guard to protect the bag from moisture and inclement weather. The sand bag also has a bright color scheme of black, orange, and white, making it an eye-catching addition to any workout regiment. The Titan Fitness Sandbag is a great choice for serious athletes who want to up the intensity of their workouts. With a durable exterior, an even weight distribution, and a tough construction, the sand bag will be helpful in any kind of exercise routine.


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Pros & Cons


• Extremely durable Construction

• Adjustable weight capacity up to 100lbs

• Variety of handle options for various exercises

• Sand provides natural movement for an effective workout

• Ideal for strength and conditioning training


• Heavy and bulky when filled with sand

• Hard to store in a small space

• Sand can create a mess when filling the bag

• Not suitable for weighted calisthenics due to shifting weight

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• People looking for a low impact, high intensity workout

• People looking to develop strength, endurance, and power

• People wanting to train core, agility, and shoulder stability

Should Not Buy:

• People on a tight budget - this sandbag is more expensive than basic equipment

• Those who only work out occasionally - this sandbag is best for more regular workouts

• People with limited space - this sandbag takes up more room than other pieces of equipment


-Material: Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon

-Bag Dimensions: 47" * 23"

-Weight: 100 lb

-Grip Thickness: 7mm

-Fill material: Virgin Polypropylene Pellets

-Handle Material: Nylon webbing

-Number of Handles: 8

-Features: Dual abrasion resistant layers, 8 reinforced handle straps, weatherproof exterior, 8 adjustable comfort handles

ProductWeight (lbs)Sand fillableExtra Add-onsDurability
Titan 100 LB Weight Training Sandbag100YesMultiple Filling Ports, Robust Grip Handles, Heavy Duty Ripstop Fabric5+ Years
Gorilla Sack100YesHigh Quality Ripstop Fabric, Reinforced Seams & Handles, 25 lb Capacity Pouch3 Years
Rep Sandbag150YesReplaceable Internal Baffle System, Reinfoeced Handles, Cord Lock Closure2 Years
Esoom Heavy Duty Fitness Sandbag75NoDouble Reinforced Handles, Reinforced Seams3 Years
Fringe Sport Warmbag116NoPVC to Encapsulate Sand, High-Strength Nylon Handle2 Years

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