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60 LB Weight Training Sandbag

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60 LB Weight Training Sandbag

The Titan Fitness 60 lb Weight Training Sandbag is an excellent option for athletes who like to vary up their weight training routine. This sandbag is designed to provide challenge and stimulus for any endurance and cardio workout. This product is made from rugged and durable 900D material, ensuring it can stand up to being dragged and dropped from great heights. It's filled with a 50/50 mix of air-filled and sand-filled cells, creating an uneven weight distribution throughout the bag, thus making it more challenging to perform certain exercises. It has multiple gripping handles to allow the user to safely and easily move the sandbag around. The included two-layer nylon cover offers further protection and the adjustable straps will help keep the sandbag secure during intense workouts. This sandbag has a capacity of 52lbs and is sure to provide a full-body workout. A great, affordable choice for athletes of all levels, the Titan Fitness 60lb Weight Training Sandbag is built to last and is sure to be an excellent addition to your workout regime.


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Pros & Cons


• Made from high quality material for extra durability

• Multiple adjustable handles make it easy to change exercises

• Does not take up much space or need additional equipment

• Versatile and can be used for various exercises

• Can increase endurance and conditioning

• Offers a unique challenge to traditional training tools


• Requires sand which needs to be refilled and stabilized

• Can be heavy and bulky for storage

• Difficult to use for exercises that require regular lifting

• Not ideal for home workouts where space is limited

• Can be difficult to control and balance during movements

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Those who participate in indoor or outdoor strength training exercises

-Athletes looking for an alternative method of weightlifting

-Trainers who need a lightweight, versatile piece of equipment for their gym

Who Should Not Buy:

-Those who are only looking to lift weights with a barbell

-People who will not benefit from the versatile training the sandbag provides


• 60 lbs when filled

• Reinforced torso for extra support

• Premium double reinforced handles

• Built-in straps for extra stability

• Heavy-duty construction

• Body conforming design

• Water-resistant materials

ProductMax WeightAdjustable WeightSizePrice
Titan 60 LB Weight Training Sandbag60 lbsNo18"L x 7" W$30
Ropel Urban Core Sandbag50 lbsYes10"L x 7"W22.99
Hersent Weight Bag100 lbsNo10.63"L x 6.3"W$27.99
Gorilla Fitness Sandbag50 lbsNo20"L x 9"W$27.99
Rogue Training Sandbag35 lbsYesopen size$34.99

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