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PRO Sandbags

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PRO Sandbags

The Pro Sandbag from Titan Fitness is a full-featured exercise equipment for athletes of all types looking to supplement existing cardio work or build strength in a different way. Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl and filled with natural river sand, this versatile bag comes in three weight configurations - 20lb, 30lb, and 40lb - to suit users of different body types and fitness levels. In addition to the weight of the sand, the Pro Sandbag features a rugged triple-stitched exterior, a two-layer handle system for grip, and reinforced stress points for maximum durability. The unique shape and construction of the bag is designed to increase difficulty in keeping control of it during exercises, providing users with an increased body-weight challenge and a higher calorie burn rate & metabolic workout experience. The Pro Sandbag can be used as a strength-training tool for sports skills, such as mid-air rotations, or as part of muscle-building exercises. It also provides an excellent support system for improving dynamic mobility and is suitable for a variety of drills and exercises. Every purchase includes a standard training guide to help you get the most out of your new Pro Sandbag.

  • 5-25 LB PRO Sandbag

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  • 25-75 LB PRO Sandbag

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  • 50-125 LB PRO Sandbag

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  • 125-200 LB PRO Sandbag

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Pros & Cons


• Different sizes for different weight training levels

-Quality materials and Construction for long lasting use

• Multi-purpose for cardio, strength, HIIT, and core workouts

• Comes with four filler bags to customize weight

• Handle and shoulder straps for different grip and carry options


• Higher cost compared to traditional weights

• May be too light for certain exercises

• May take some time to adjust to the sand shifting inside the bag during use

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Endurance, cardio, and strength training in one product

- Made of durable, strong material to reduce breakage

- Attachable handles for convenient transport and use

Should Not Buy:

- Weight and size limits may be restrictive for some exercisers

- Not ideal for high-intensity workouts

- Not suitable for tall individuals due to the current weight selection options


-800 lbs. maximum capacity

-Triple stitched seams

-10 durable grommets

-4 pockets of varying size for implements

-Over 17” long

-Made of durable 18oz vinyl

-Four handles for multiple exercise angles

-Comes in sizes up to 70lbs

-1-year warranty

Titan PRO SandbagsProduct 2Product 3Product 4
Filled Weight 20 - 150 lbsFilled Weight 10 - 100 lbsFilled Weight 50 - 150 lbsFilled Weight 30 - 150 lbs
Empty Weight 2-5 lbsEmpty Weight 3-6 lbsEmpty Weight 2-4 lbsEmpty Weight 2-7 lbs
Number of Sandbags 4+Number of Sandbags 3+Number of Sandbags 7+Number of Sandbags 2+
Durability Heavy DutyDurability Medium DutyDurability Heavy DutyDurability Light Duty

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