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Low Bar Push Pull Drag Sled

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Low Bar Push Pull Drag Sled

This Low Bar Push Pull Drag Sled from Titan Fitness is an ideal strength and conditioning tool for athletes who want to increase their speed, power, and endurance. Built for high-intensity workouts, this sled is designed for pushing, pulling, and dragging. At the core of the sled is a durable steel frame, with a low to the ground profile that allows it to move quickly over any terrain. The frame has two crossbars for strapping sleds together and two side handles for pushing and pulling. There is also a removable back harness which makes it easy to attach resistance bands for added resistance or for drag workouts. It also features two adjustable side posts for attaching multiple handles for variety in various training exercises. The Low Bar Push Pull Drag Sled comes with seven plates to give you weights up to 200lbs and features a black zinc-plated finish. The plates are made of heavy-duty steel and the frame is made with tough steel tubing, both durable enough to handle the extreme wear and tear of regular workouts. Each sled also comes with a very user-friendly handle to easily load and unload plates. For extreme athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for an all-in-one piece of equipment that can help maximize their performance and build strength, the Titan Fitness Low Bar Push Pull Drag Sled is the perfect solution. With its low profile and durable construction, it can handle any terrain and offers a variety of different exercises, helping take your workouts to the next level.


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Pros & Cons


- Heavy duty steel Construction for optimal strength and durability

• Comfort foam handles for easy use and improved grip

• Quick and easy assembly for convenient and immediate use

• Easy adjustable height and resistance thanks to heavy loading pin

• Multi-function design allows for use as a pull/drag sled or a low-bar push sled

• Smooth, rounded edges for safety and protection

• Distinct loading areas accommodate multiple weight options


• Relatively expensive

• Heavy sleds difficult to move or transport

• Not appropriate for use on softer surfaces like grass or sand

Who Should Buy


who should buy:

• Fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an effective high-intensity workout tool

• People looking to build strength, speed, and endurance

• Athletes looking for a comprehensive cardio workout

who should not buy:

• Persons with joint injuries that involve the lower body

• Those who are new to working out and lack certain foundational knowledge

• People who are not likely to push themselves to their max during a workout session


• Length: 52"

• Width: 25"

• Height: 8"

• Capacity: 450lbs

• Weight: 83lbs

• Bearings: Dual bearings on each corner

• Materials: Powder-coated Steel

Sled ratingPlate StorageWeight
4 / 56 plates (2" hole)41.7lbs
5 / 58 plates (2" hole)25lbs
4 / 512 plates (2" hole)29.5lbs
3.5 / 5None40lbs
4 / 56 plates (2" hole)28.3Lbs

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