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Power Drag Sled with Leash

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Power Drag Sled with Leash

The Power Drag Sled with Leash from Titan Fitness is a heavy-duty training tool that helps to improve strength and conditioning with fast, explosive movements from a standing position. This sled features a wider and deeper design than other sleds, allowing it to provide greater amounts of resistance when pushed or pulled. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel frame and reinforced plastic skids that can slide easily on all surfaces. The sled also features an adjustable leash, allowing you to drag the sled to varying distances and angles. It also comes with a removable push handle and chrome-plated steel posts. This training tool is perfect for a variety of strength, power and conditioning exercises, and is designed to easily adjust to fit your body size and take you to the highest level of functional fitness. The Power Drag Sled with Leash from Titan Fitness will provide an intense and productive workout, so you can reach your fitness goals.


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Pros & Cons


• Easy to assemble

• Highly adjustable for different terrains

• Weights stackable up to 350 lbs

• Leash allows user to move sled around quickly

• Builds muscular strength and endurance

• Gives users a full body workout


• Requires an area of flat ground to be effective

• Not suitable for indoor use

• Weights are sold separately

• Can be difficult and time Consuming to move around

Who Should Buy

*Who Should Buy:

-Athletes who need to build strength and endurance

-Athletes who want to challenge themselves

-Athletes who need to increase their speed and agility

-Fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a powerful full body workout

-Anyone who wants to take their training up a notch

*Who Should Not Buy:

-People who are not comfortable with high-impact training

-People who don’t have the space to store the sled

-People who are looking for a low-cost workout equipment

-Those who are looking for something more low-impact such as biking or swimming


- 60” D-Hooks connected to Power Sled link with heavyduty military grade nylon leash

- Sled bottom measuring 34” x 34”

- Made from heavy duty powder coated steel

- Maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs

- Weighs: 40 lb

Product NameWeightSpeedDurabilityAdjustabilityPrice
Titan Power Drag Sled17lbsHighExcellentLimited$50
Body-Solid Drag Sled18lbsHighVery GoodLimited$144
SpeedFit Push Sled19lbsHighGoodFully Adjust$99
CAP Barbell Push Sled16lbsLowVery GoodLimited$100

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