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Pro Sled Core Unit

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Pro Sled Core Unit

The Titan Pro Sled Core Unit is a versatile and hard-wearing sled designed for strength and conditioning workouts. It has a solid 4mm thick steel frame, with black powder-coated finish, and a variety of carrying handles designed to ensure maximum convenience when traveling to and from the gym. Its PVC-coated pull-straps are strong yet adjustable, and include a solid rubber grip for comfortable yet secure handling. The base of the sled features high-grade foam padding up to 3 inches thick, which helps absorb the impact from weighted sled pulls on a variety of surfaces. The sled is also outfitted with numerous attachable accessories, such as padded shoulder harness for multiple carrying options, an adjustable weight post for adding weights to the sled, weighted bars for increased resistance, an adjustable dip bar for ab workouts, and ankle straps for attaching to the pull-straps for lower body workouts. In addition, the sled is compatible with multiple strength and conditioning attachments, such as resistance bands and medic balls, to add variety to your workouts. All of these features make the Titan Pro Sled Core Unit a great option for endurance and strength training.


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Pros & Cons


• Strong, durable frame

• Multi-grip handles on the sleds

• Smooth sled movement

• Works multiple muscle groups

• Easy to assemble and store


• No options for attachments

• Heavy weight

• Price is a bit expensive

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Those looking to increase athletic and cardio function

• Athletes looking to improve overall performance

• Those looking for a full body workout

• Those wanting to use equipment for resistance and cardio training

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are not committed to a regular workout schedule

• Those wanting to purchase a cheaper product

• Those without any prior knowledge of what kind of workout they can use the equipment for


- Dimensions (L x W x H): 53" x 34" x 16"

- Weight: 100lbs

- Designed for ability to attach two 45lb weight plates

- All steel construction

- Weight post height: 8"

- Height from ground to arm cuff: 14.5"

- Arm length: 19.5"

- Upholstery is 2'' thick foam and has a black vinyl cover

- Includes carrying handle straps for easy transport

Max weight: 150lbsMax weight: 300lbs
Sliding Scale Range: 1-100Sliding Scale Range: 1-85
Number of Handles: 2Number of Handles: 4
Steel ConstructionAluminum body Construction
Dimensions: 47x40x9 inDimensions: 56x19x23 in
Max Weight: 500lbs

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