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10 KG Cast Iron Kettlebell

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10 KG Cast Iron Kettlebell

The Titan 10 kg Cast Iron Kettlebell is an ideal piece of fitness equipment for anyone looking to get an effective, full body workout. This kettlebell is made of durable, solid cast iron and features a wide, flat base for stability during functional movements. The ergonomic handle is textured for a comfortable, secure grip and it is fully spin-proof for safety. The top of the kettlebell has a clear weight label for easy identification. The Titan 10 kg Kettlebell is an ideal choice for a variety of exercises, from dynamic lifts to ballistic throws. It is suitable for building strength, as well as endurance, power, and coordination. It can be used to develop balance and core stability, and can also be used to train stability muscles in the arms, shoulders and legs. Its 10 kg weight makes it the perfect choice for beginners or those with lighter weights. The Titan 10 kg Kettlebell is a great addition to any home gym or professional set-up. Its solid construction and elegant design make it an attractive piece of equipment for any fitness space. With proper use and care, it should last a lifetime.


Pros & Cons


1. Constructed with high-quality cast iron for long-lasting durability

• Textured handle provides a secure grip

• Traditional design manufactured with exact weight tolerances

• Long-lasting paint finish for added protection


• Rear flat bottom makes it unfit for certain exercises

• Re-manufacturing design makes reliability less certain

• Can get a bit uncomfortable as the handle is less smooth compared to the competition

• Can be prone to rusting if not cared for properly

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• 10kg weight is suitable for a wide range of exercises

• Made from durable cast iron material

• Comfortable handle and wide base for stability

• Suitable for a home gym

Should Not Buy:

• Currently out of stock

• More expensive than brands from other retailers


- 10kg / 22 lbs weight

- Cast iron construction

- Comfortable vinyl handle

- Single handle grip design

- Flat base for stability

FeaturesTitan 10 KG Cast Iron KettlebellSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
MaterialCast IronSteelRubberPlastic
Weight10 KG12 KG10 kg6 KG
Grip DesignSmoothSmoothTexturedTextured

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