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26 KG Competition Kettlebell

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26 KG Competition Kettlebell

The Titan Fitness 26 Kg Competition Kettlebell is an excellent choice for athletes looking for versatile kettlebell training. This kettlebell is constructed with a classic elliptical shape and a standard 35 mm handle for a comfortable and secure grip. The smooth black finish and engraved numbers add to the stylish look, making it perfect for competitions and a great addition to any gym or home gym setup. This kettlebell features a single-piece, drop-forged, solid steel construction for maximum strength and durability. The handle allows for various grip sizes, allowing you to adjust your workouts accordingly. Additionally, the wide base prevents the kettlebell from rocking when you are doing overhead lifts, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience. The 26 Kg Competition Kettlebell is designed to help you perform a variety of exercises that target the entire body. From single-arm swings to get your heart rate up to double kettlebell cleans to target the upper body, core, and lower body, this kettlebell provides challenging and effective workouts every time. This kettlebell also features a matte black powder coat finish which provides superior corrosion resistance, while still allowing you to show off a bit of style. This finishing also provides extra grip, so you can perform your kettlebell workouts without worrying about slippage. The Titan Fitness 26 Kg Competition Kettlebell is an excellent choice for athletes looking for a robust and versatile kettlebell. With an all-around classic style, a comfortable handle, and a high-quality build, you'll be sure to get the most out of your kettlebell workouts.


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Pros & Cons


• Rugged design with steel handle

• Non-slip surface for secure grip

• Tested for accuracy and balance

• Ideal for strength and CrossFit exercises

• Improves grip strength

• Helps build muscle power, endurance, and agility


• Easily chips or dents if mishandled

• Can be too heavy for beginner users

• Training ebook not included

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Durable cast iron construction, designed for heavy usage in commercial settings

• Color-coded for easy weight identification

•Standard required for competition-style kettlebell training

• Welded handle for a secure grip

Should Not Buy:

• Price might be too expensive for those who are only looking to use at home or occasional use.

• Not intended for overhead movements, as it has a rougher handle

• Not as ergonomic for swings and strict press compared to adjustable kettlebells


-Weight (KG): 26

-Handle Diameter (MM): 33.5

-Finish: Matte Powder Coating

-Surface: Smooth

-Handle: Steel Alloy

-Resistance: Competition Grade

-Material: Steel

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Weight26 KG23 KG25 KG24 KG
DesignWide Flat Base + Competition GripWide Flat BaseNarrow BaseNarrow Base + Competition Grip

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