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20 LB Dual Grip Medicine Ball

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20 LB Dual Grip Medicine Ball

The Titan Fitness 20 lb Dual Grip Medicine Ball was designed with both grip versatility and durability in mind. This 20 lb medicine ball is constructed with a durable material that will not tear or rip and boasts a dense, thick wall that helps maintain shape and rigidity. The body of this ball features two textured surfaces - a smooth, non-slip outer layer, and a textured inner layer for additional grip. Dual handles give the user additional control over movements and the handles are secured to the ball via reinforced stitching for additional durability. This durable medicine ball is perfect for a variety of exercise types, from stretching and core conditioning, to agility and explosive power training. Exercising with a 20 lb medicine ball allows for a challenging workout, with the weight being enough to add noticeable resistance and momentum to movements, but still light enough for athletes of any experience level to handle. This medicine ball is helpful for developing muscular coordination and strength, engaging core muscles, and is useful for any number of dynamic exercises, from ball slams to trunk twists. Take your workout to the next level with the Titan Fitness 20 lb Dual Grip Medicine Ball!


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Pros & Cons


• Dual grip design to improve grip strength and muscle engagement

• Versatile - can be used in a wide range of exercises and workouts

• Durable, firm Construction

• Wide range of weights available


• Expensive compared to other medicine balls

• Ball can be difficult to control with some movements due to its weight

• Paint on dual grip design may wear off over time

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Those interested in recreational sports

• Individuals looking for additional exercise to their existing routine

• People looking to add core-strengthening activities for a healthier lifestyle

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who prefer no contact sports

• Those looking for cardiovascular exercises only

• People with a tight budget looking for less expensive alternatives


- 20 LB dual grip medicine ball

- Textured rubber shell for great grip

- Dual gripping area to provide good grip and control

- Color: black

- Diameter: 8.75 inches

- Weight: 20 lb

ProductWeight (LBS)MaterialPrice
Titan 20 LB Dual Grip20Rubber$66
Rep Medicine Ball20Leather$100
Ignite Slam Ball20Synthetic$90
Black Mountain Ball20Vinyl$39
CAP Medicine Ball20Synthetic$60

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