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25 LB Rubber Slam Ball

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25 LB Rubber Slam Ball

The 25-Lb Rubber Slam Ball by Titan Fitness is an exercise tool to help you stay fit and build strength. This highly durable, rubber-encased slam ball is perfect for adding strength gains and stability to any workout. Featuring a 25-LB weight capacity, this ball is great for slamming, wall ball drills, throws, and other core-strengthening exercises. The high-quality rubber construction ensures that the ball will retain its shape and durability for years. The ball’s textured surface provides a better grip for increased safety and effectiveness during workouts. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and makes the ball easier to grip while performing static or explosive exercises such as weighted wall balls or slams. The ball is also effectively used in group exercise classes to provide a dynamic and fun way to incorporate strength and power training into any workout. All in all, the 25-Lb Rubber Slam Ball by Titan Fitness is an excellent addition to any gym or home fitness routine.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber material is dense, providing quality exercise

• Perfect size and weight for core training and stability exercises

• Enhance agility, speed, and power

• Great for full body and upper body workouts

• Easy to handle and comfortable grip


• Can be noisy when dropped

• Use indoors may lead to surface damage

• Limited to fitness exercises and not for general recreational use

Who Should Buy


🔹Who Should Buy:

-Athletes looking for a durable and reliable training ball

-Fitness enthusiasts who need a heavy slam ball for functional training

-Professionals looking for a high-quality, versatile piece of equipment

🔹Who Should Not Buy:

-Anyone looking for a very light weight ball

-Those looking for an ultra-durable ball that can withstand heavy slamming

-Those on a tight budget looking for a cheaper alternative


-25 lb weight

-Made from durable rubber

-Circular shape

-Textured surface for optimal grip

-Puncture and tear resistant

-Smooth finish

-Designed for core building

ProductWeight (LB)Diameter (in)Material
Titan 25 LB Rubber2510Rubber
Troy Barbell 25 LB2510Rubber
Rep 25 LB Ball2510Leather
XM Sports 25 LB258Leather

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