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30 LB Rubber Tread Slam Ball

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30 LB Rubber Tread Slam Ball

The 30 lb Rubber Tread Slam Ball from Titan Fitness is a weighted exercise ball designed to help you increase your strength and conditioning. Made from a durable rubber construction, the ball features a high-traction tread to help you get a better grip and maintain control while you slam or throw it around. Its unique heavy-duty construction adds an element of impact and instability that increases the intensity of any lift, squat, or functional movement. The ball also features a textured surface for a better grip and is available in different weights to accommodate any fitness level. Whether you’re using it for strength training or metabolic conditioning, the 30 lb Rubber Tread Slam Ball from Titan Fitness is an excellent tool to help you take your workout to the next level.


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Pros & Cons


• Made of very durable rubber tread

• Offers strong grip from its tread design

• Easy to use and store

• Able to withstand intense workouts

• Variety of weights available (from 10-100 lbs)


• Price may be too high for some budgets

• Some sizes can be hard to find in stock

Who Should Buy


Reasons to Buy This Home Gym Product:

-High quality, rubber exterior is durable and can easily withstand weighted slams

-Weight can be easily adjusted for use by exercisers of all levels

-Smaller circumference allows for a wider range of movement when performing exercises

-Textured tread offers secure and comfortable grip

Reasons Not to Buy This Home Gym Product:

-Not suitable for use with wall slams or high-intensity exercises

-Weighs over 30 lbs, so may be too much for some users

-Not suitable for working out in confined spaces, due to its size and weight


-30 lbs

-Rubber finish

-Tread pattern on exterior for additional grip

-Overall dimensions: 10" tall

-Textured, sturdy rubber shell

-Great for dynamic explosive exercises and med ball workouts

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