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35 LB Rubber Slam Ball

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35 LB Rubber Slam Ball

This 35 lb. Rubber Slam Ball from Titan Fitness is perfect for workouts that demand explosive power and strength, while helping to improve speed, core stability, and overall endurance. The vivid black and white swirl design adds a sense of vibrant contrast that is sure to stand out in any home or gym setting. The ball itself has a solid rubber construction and dense, grippy texture with a detailed stitched pattern that creates an excellent grip, allowing for a secure, comfortable grip during powerful slams or slams against a wall. The ball also includes an easy-to-grip handle to make it easier to pick-up, move, and hold securely during workouts. Its large 35 lb. size makes it the perfect weight for slams and is a great way to increase the intensity of your workouts. It is also great for wall throws and other exercises targeting the entire body. It features a solid core that allows for bouncing, helping to vary the flow of your workouts. Overall, this high-quality slam ball from Titan Fitness is an excellent way to take your fitness, strength, and endurance levels to the next level. Its large weight, durable rubber construction, and grip-friendly texture make it an ideal choice for dynamic and explosive exercises. With its stylish design, this ball is sure to add some flair to your home or gym equipment.


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Pros & Cons


• Built with high-grade rubber for superior durability and toughness

-Consistent bounce for an explosive and dynamic workout

• Easy to grip textured surface

• Available in multiple weights for a variety of workout intensities


-Not suitable for outdoor use due to rubber Construction

• Non-refundable

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Perfect for high intensity movements, such as squats, wall balls and slams

• Durable rubber construction can stand up to even the toughest slams

• Perfect weight option for athletes just starting their fitness journey

• Can be used in a variety of different exercises to improve strength, speed and agility

Should Not Buy:

• Intended solely for high-intensity movements—not recommended for static exercises

• Not suitable for those trying to tone up, build muscle or increase overall fitness level

• Not designed for indoor use, so would not be suitable for gym environments


-35 lbs in weight

-8 inch diameter

-Durable rubber construction

-Ultimate ball for CrossFit and functional fitness

-Engage the entire body

-Firm rubber surface for better grip

-Textured surface allows for easy identification

-Designed for high intensity workouts

-Superior bounce and rebound ability on hard surfaces

Titan 35 LB Rubber Slam BallRubber35 LB$64.99
Savage Mace PVC Slam BallPVC30 LB$19.99
TITAN Foam Core Slam BallFoam30 LB$36.99
Apollon Plyo Soft Soft Slam BallSoft20 LB$59.99

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