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50 LB Rubber Slam Ball

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50 LB Rubber Slam Ball

The 50 lb Rubber Slam Ball from Titan Fitness is an excellent addition to any strength training routine. Manufactured from premium rubber and a reinforced nylon core, this versatile slam ball is designed for tough workouts and heavy-duty use. It's designed to handle constant slams and drops resulting from intense workouts. The rubber exterior and ridges on the surface provide for an excellent grip, making it easy to hold onto during workouts. The heavy-duty construction and uniform weight distribution provides extreme durability and consistent bounce during slam exercises. The ball is also twice the density of generic rubber products, making it more durable and responsive. This 50 lb Slam Ball is perfect for a variety of exercises and activities that require high intensity training, such as slams, throws, squats, sit-ups, and more. With its high-quality construction and reliable performance, it's the perfect choice for athletes who are looking for a slam ball that can provide them with an intense, long-lasting workout.


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Pros & Cons


• Made from rubber for durability and long-lasting use

• Virtually bounce-less to ensure stability during use

• Good for a variety of exercises to strengthen different areas

• No risk of rolling off due to its ball shape

• Can handle weight up to 50 lbs


• Weighs 50 lbs which may be too heavy for some users

• Cannot be used outdoors as it is not weather-resistant

• May scuff up surfaces after use due to its rubber material

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This:

• People looking for a durable weight ball option

• Athletes who want to improve their performance through weight training

• People who want a product covered by a commercial grade warranty

Who Should Not Buy This:

• People looking for a lightweight ball

• People who don't want to pay extra for a product with a long-term warranty

• Casual home gym users looking for an affordable product


-50 lbs

-rubber construction

-slam ball

-high-grade tear resistant rubber

-textured, anti-slip surface

-durable construction for heavy-duty use

-dimensions: 9" diameter

-max weight capacity: 500 lbs

Titan 50 LB Rubber Slam BallCompeting Product 1Competing Product 2Competing Product 3
Weight50 LB25 LB40 LB45 LB
Diameter9.4 in8 in9.25 in10 in
MaterialHeavy-duty rubberEVA foamHeavy-duty vinylHeavy-duty rubber
Grip & handlingTextured surfaceSmooth fabricTextured surfaceTextured surface

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